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Police to review Conservative security after Prime Minister prank

Police are to work with the Conservatives to review their conference security after a well-known comedian was able to hand the Prime Minister a mock P45 unemployment notice. Interrupting Theresa May’s keynote speech to Tory members in Manchester1, Lee Nelson – real name Simon Brodkin – approached the podium to hand the Prime Minister the fake document before being led away. Conservative MPs voiced their concerns over the prank, as party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin and Home Secretary Amber Rudd promised a full inquiry. “There should be some very serious questions – that could have been a terrorist,” said Tory MP George Freeman, the head of the Prime Minister’s policy board. A Conservative spokesman said: “In light of the arrest during the Prime Minister’s speech we are working with the police to review the accreditation process and security arrangements for party conference.”

Mr Brodkin, who has a history of interrupting high-profile events, was arrested “to prevent a breach of the peace” after being escorted out of the conference hall, but was later released. He was revealed to have had legitimate accreditation for the Conservative conference, believed to be a two-day delegate pass costing around 700. Greater Manchester Police chief superintendent John O’Hare said: “The man had legitimate accreditation which granted him access to the conference site.

“In light of this we will be reviewing the accreditation process with the Conservative Party. “Even with accreditation, everyone at the conference goes through airport-style searches before being allowed entry to the site.”

Security firm G4S defended themselves, using their Twitter account to reveal they were not the security provider for inside the auditorium but only the conference perimeter, entrances and exits. Mr Brodkin was given a conditional caution in March 2013 after warming up alongside Premier League footballers ahead of a Manchester City game at Everton. He was also arrested, but later released, when he threw money at world football boss Sepp Blatter in July 2015. A month earlier, Mr Brodkin stormed the stage during Kanye West’s set at Glastonbury festival.


  1. ^ Theresa May’s keynote speech to Tory members in Manchester (

Building a smart home: Best security cameras from Nest, Nokia, Ring and more

NOW THAT ALL that iPhone business is out of the way, I’ve had time to get back to my occasional series on building a smart home . This time, I’m going to talk about security cameras.

Now, we’ve had a ludicrous number of these offered up for review over the summer, with different pros and cons . Some offer face recognition . Some detect whether you are at home or away . But they almost all have the same thing in common. To paraphrase Richard Ayoade, it’s an “automatic lock-in situation” . Unlike other parts of the smart home, there are very few options to mix and match security cameras, which is surprising as CCTV been around a lot longer than most of the other things in the sector.

It’s unsustainable, but at the moment, to make the most of almost every camera you’re about to see requires you to sign up to a bespoke cloud service from that manufacturer. Yes, most of them work without a fee, but in a very stunted sort of way and they still won’t work with other brands. What’s particularly frustrating about this is that there actually is a standard for home security cameras .

It’s called ONVIF . But none of the big brands are supporting it . Even D-Link, who co-founded ONVIF and many of whose cameras in the past were ONVIF compatible, have come out with something bespoke. So first, let’s talk about a simple old school solution . A DVR – digital video recorder – which will take any generic cameras.

Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

The one we’re using is made by Annke1, it starts at 99.99 with no camera, or for 169.99 you can get one with four wired camera included . Which seems like a bargain to us. Wired is a bit fiddly, so you might want to consider getting some wifi cameras . In theory, the Annke recorder will detect any wifi cameras on the network that are compatible and you can wire them in. The other option is to use your NAS .

Synology have a great surveillance manager package as part of their NAS range (I’m using a Synology 216+2 from last year) and that will pick up all your wireless cameras . Then the only reason to use the Annke would be to wire in your wired set-up . That’s a bit belt-and-braces (but not completely daft either). Right, having got that out of the way, if you want something more modern, there are a lot of options, so let’s have a look at the major ones . And before I am too down on them all, let’s remember, almost all of the below still work with IFTTT . And in the unlikely event that doesn’t mean anything to you, we’ll tackle it another time, but even a smart home virgin needs IFTTT in their life.

Ring Stickup Cam

Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And MoreThe Ring ecosystem is primarily aimed at a “perimeter fence” outside your home . And it does so beautifully, offering motion detection that is exceptional, with very few false positives .

Ring’s “hero” product is its video doorbell, which we’re saving for another day, but the unique selling point of the Stickup Cam is the (optional) solar panels which means you can put it up and forget about it most of the time, and definitely worth the extra investment . Even in midwinter in the gloomy UK, it was able to sustain over 90 per cent charge most of the time. All Ring cameras come with the option to select the “field of vision” for alerts, from under its nose, through to halfway across the garden, though it’s worth noting that the further out you go, the more false positives you get . We had issues with buses on the main road, but reangling the camera fixed that. Incidentally, we asked if Ring had any plans for an indoor camera and they told us they did not, which means it will never be your “all in one” fix, but there’s equally no reason why you can’t put up Stickup cams indoors, though you’ll lack the definition and the whistles and bells of other indoor systems.

Each Stickup Cam is 149.99 with 9 per month for cloud recording and mobile alerts .

A floodlight camera is on the way too . Solar panels are extra.3


Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

Speaking of floodlight cameras, our second contender, and easily the most French, is Netatmo, a company we adore for its chic design and superior ideas . No, the cameras aren’t universal, but they have more whistles and bells than you can shake a baguette at. The most important of these is the brilliant facial recognition, that came a good two years before most of its rivals, and still wipes the floor with them. It can tell you who has just got home, and you can decide how long since you have seen that person should be counted as them being “out” .

With a bit more integration it could be incredibly powerful at detecting friends and foes . It can spot pets and random animals, and combines them in the newer Presence camera with a powerful spotlight triggered by movement – and you can even select if that movement is human or animal. Best of all, the indoor camera (Welcome) stores to SD card by default, so there’s no cloud service to worry about, unless it sees someone coming too close, as if to attack it, or disconnect it . In that case, a picture of their face goes straight to Netatmo’s servers for you to download and pass to the police. In short, it is on paper the perfect system .

The only major problems are price (its premium) and we’ve found the set up a little temperamental . Just a little mind . On the whole, if we had deep pockets, we’d go for this . No brainer.

Netatmo Welcome is 199.99 and Presence is 249.99 RRP but with no additional fees4


Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

That may surprise you . After all, isn’t Nest supposed to be the daddy ? Well yes and no . The build quality of the latest indoor and outdoor cameras is nothing short of spectacular . But Nest is designed for use with an ecosystem and unless you want to go “all in” then it becomes a brick pretty quickly . With Nest, as you’d expect from Google, almost everything is cloud based and without paying a subscription the camera alone does very little, is compatible with nothing else and generally really irks me.

Latest UK releases are an indoor camera and an outdoor camera . The main differences are that one is on a stand, the other on a magnetic holder, and the outdoor one can be connected directly to the mains supply. As we were putting this piece together, we heard that Nest were planning a whole new range of stuff . But with so much of the features like facial recognition completely cloud dependent, it feels like we’re reviewing the software not the hardware, and unless you are already tied into the works with Nest framework, it’s probably not the best buy here . And that’s from a Googler.

Nest Cam Outdoor is 1795 and the Nest IQ Indoor is 284.506 – but there’s a lot of subscription for the additional features.


Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

A more refreshing alternative comes from Blink . The cameras may feel a bit flimsy but they are full-featured, even down to a light, and best of all, the price includes cloud storage . They’re completely wireless with a battery that should last around two years . At present, there’s little in the way of integration but it has IFTTT and Alexa and that’s a ruddy good start . Meanwhile, motion detection wakes up the camera and starts in filming . An outdoor version is on the way, but we kind of like it as it is, a cracking indoor system.

Each camera comes with a hinged wall mount which can only be tilted in one direction, but if you need it to pivot automatically, this really isn’t the camera for you . But the remote quality is superb for checking on the go and not being tied into a monthly fee is a major, and we mean, major, selling point . If this starts to get adopted by the likes of SmartThings then it’s going to be major. Most importantly, the modest pricing means its one of the few systems here that doesn’t make me baulk at the idea of kitting every room with them and still having money to eat.

A Blink hub with two cameras is 199 . An outdoor version (XT) is on the way . No charges for cloud recordings.7

Logi Circle 2

Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

While we were impressed with the Logi Circle’s promise, it didn’t really do a lot . In fact, it felt more like a webcam than a security product, which given Logitech’s pedigree, isn’t that surprising. The new Logi Circle 2 is a slightly different proposition . It’s waterproof and can be chopped and changed between a range of accessories from an outdoor mount to a flexible arm . There’s even a suction pad so you can stick it to glass and monitor outside from inside.

This makes it the most versatile item we’ve seen, though many of the accessories are yet to come to market . It also now has IFTTT and Alexa support and can interweave with the original Circle camera, but again this is a solution that works best with its own kind . Cloud recording is premium and expensive, and we’ve had reports from testers that viewing the camera remotely is almost unwatchable compared to some others. Both Logitech and Nokia need to decide why they are in the home security camera market before releasing much more.

Logi Circle 1 is 159.99 while Logi Circle 2 is 169.95 . Additional charges for cloud recordings8.

Nokia Home

Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

The newly rechristened Nokia Health (better known previously as Withings) has a similar French chic to the Netatmo . With such a gorgeous range of watches and body sensing nick nacks, it’s difficult to know exactly where the Home fits . It has a separate app and doesn’t really do much for an otherwise tight ecosystem. Its USP is its ability to measure air quality and tell you when it is less than good . Which is great, but for something that is otherwise for keeping an eye on the house, seems a bit misplaced.

We’re told that as Nokia evolves the old Withings range, its place will make more sense, but in the meantime, you’re left with this as the “odd duck” of the list . And yes, storing recordings comes courtesy of an additional charge.

The Nokia Home camera and air quality monitor is yours for 169.95 – again there is a premium cloud service available9.


Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

Canary has been around a while now and as such should be a no-brainer, representing as it does, an all-in-one system with camera and siren . This was recently augmented by the Flex, an indoor-outdoor camera that can run off battery or mains, and sticks up with a magnetic grip like the Nest (and with a similar build quality). Where Canary comes unstuck from our point of view is that, alongside the usual proprietary cloud subscription, it is way behind on integration . So much so in fact, it doesn’t even have an IFTTT channel .

Weirdly, its only current integration apart from the ubiquitous Alexa is with US-only smart home hub Wink . Which is a shame as it has all the makings of a powerhouse . We’re told Canary is “always looking into” new partnerships . We hope that means soon as we like Canary.

Canary is 159.99 while Canary Flex is 199.99 before subscriptions10.


Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

Arlo is the system all the others want to be when they grow up . It’s far from perfect, mind you, with a huge clunky hub which attaches to your router required to use its wireless cameras . Add in the fact that although, yes, they’re wireless, but they guzzle fairly expensive batteries (123A size, if you’re interested – price them out and sob) . The good news is, Arlo is a bit more willing to open up its system and will play nicely with Gideon, SmartThings and of course IFTTT.

The Arlo Q range adds a plug-in camera with 1080p definition and the Arlo Pro adds ethernet . Both work without the central hub. The big kicker is the pricing . This is a premium product from the Netgear stable, and one that you need to commit a couple of grand to doing inside and out properly, if that’s what you’re planning.

An Arlo Q costs 149.99 . An Arlo wireless starter kit is 599.99 with 5 cameras . You do have a subscription option but there are more options without it than some of the others.11

Somfy One

Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

Somfy is a company better known for electric window blinds, but it recently took over MyFox and has rechristened it as Somfy Protect . The new flagship is a very similar product to the Canary, with a super-loud alarm alongside the camera.

But Somfy goes a step further, using the Somfy One as a hub to a network of cameras, motion sensors, and keyfobs . Some of these are hangovers from the MyFox days, with the keyfobs doubling as presence detectors to arm the alarm when everyone is out of range. Somfy’s “Intellitags” which mount on doors are similar to a part of the Netatmo offering . Both work without the need for a magnetic sensor, relying on an accelerometer to check if there’s been movement . Somfy’s work far better though, and although it has some way to go, the Somfy One offers more integration than the Canary.

Somfy One is 229.00 includes 7 days cloud recording automatically .

The rest of the range varies in price but creates a great ecosystem.12


Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

Perhaps the biggest disappointment on the list is D-Link’s new sub-brand Omna, which is primarily aimed at Apple HomeKit users, and boy do we know it . In fact, Android users, are faced with the bleak prospect that in order to use it, they need to update the firmware, and to do that, they need an Apple Homekit device . Seriously, that’s how badly thought out this is. But it goes on . Omna, a device from a member of the ONVIF alliance, doesn’t support ONVIF, but instead has a you guessed it proprietary cloud service.

D-Link has something of an identity crisis right now . Its cameras now run on three different systems, with some supporting its smart home platform, while other, seemingly identical items don’t . D-Link desperately needs to work out who it is, find a single system and stick with it . Quickly.

D-Link Omna is 149.9513.

Aukey IP Camera

Building A Smart Home: Best Security Cameras From Nest, Nokia, Ring And More

Aukey’s proposition is simple . Good camera with tilt and zoom . Slightly Chinglish app . Cheap enough to do the whole house, but little room for integration . And if that’s what you need, Aukey’s camera is one of the better of the myriad of similar looking items on Amazon . Don’t expect miracles, but for a simple solution that records to an SD card (yay no cloud server!) you can’t get much better

Aukey’s IP Camera costs 73.4914.

In summing up then, any attempt to set up a home security system at the moment means taking a gamble . You either go for the simple solutions that sit alongside the rest of your home but don’t form a particularly exciting addition to it, or you buy into a system that may or may not integrate in a few years time. But there’s one more thing to consider .

If you got an alert whilst sitting on a beach somewhere telling you there was someone breaking into your house, would you actually want to know ?

It seems like an obvious answer, but in reality, it’s a moral maze.


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WATCH: Chris Moyles’ Security Nearly Beat Up Dave Grohl

27 September 2017, 16:42

WATCH: Chris Moyles' Security Nearly Beat Up Dave Grohl

The Foos frontman recalled the time he was almost “taken out” when he tried to surprise the Radio X DJ. Dave Grohl has told the story of how Chris Moyles’ security mistook him for a crazed fan. Recalling the incident during a special interview with the Radio X DJ which aired earlier this week,1 the frontman said: “The last time we had drinks together, I was almost taken out by a navy seal”.

Watch it here:

Why did Chris Moyles security almost knock out Dave Grohl? Chris Moyles chats to Foo Fighters.


Grohl added: “He was this close to being assassinated, that he would go to a local pub with a navy seal”. Moyles then filled in the blanks, explaining to a very amused Taylor Hawkins: “So you guys played in Brighton . We all stayed in Brighton . It was a warm evening.

“We were outside the hotel having a few cigarettes, having a few drinks and Dave sees me and goes, ‘Oh there’s the guy from the radio .

I’ll go and surprise him’.

“He puts his hood up and just goes ‘argh’ gets to there.. . and the security guard who I’ve known for years, who’s always with us literally goes BAM.

“Dave’s pinned on the table.”

If that wasn’t band enough, it turns out Grohl’s mum was there to witness her son being roughed up too. Moyles added: “And just when I think we might get out of this, Dave goes: ‘It’s alright mom . It’s his security'”. The Foo Fighters rockers also revealed in the no-holds-barred chat that all their wives fancied Justin Timberlake and wanted to visit the studio when they heard he was appearing on the album.

Find out more:

Dave Grohl on Justin Timberlake’s appearance on the new Foo Fighters album

WARNING: Strong language ! Foo Fighters talk to Chris Moyles on Radio X.


Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins had plenty of praise for the Suit & Tie star, saying: There s a reason that dude s still around . To break out from that boy band dude makes it out into a serious career, that s like a drummer becoming a lead singer . And Dave and him together, those guys have similar personalities

Dave mused: Sure I feel like I m kind of handsome like him, I can dance like him,” before his bandmate interjected: All of our wives think he s hot…”

THAT s the thing, Dave joked . Our wives were like, ‘When is Justin gonna be at the studio ? Is he coming tomorrow ? Do you think we could come?’

Watch the full Chris Moyles Meets Foo Fighters interview here:

Chris Moyles Meets Foo Fighters

WARNING: Strong language !

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins give an in-depth interview to Chris Moyles.



  1. ^ during a special interview with the Radio X DJ which aired earlier this week, (