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After nurse stabbed in face, Southbridge hospital announces new security policy

Updated: Sep 26, 2017 – 10:18 AM

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. – Months after a nurse was attacked by a patient inside a local hospital, the facility is now taking steps to make sure it never happens again.

Under a new security policy at Harrington Hospital, each patient in the facility will only be allowed two visitors at a time . Security guards will search all bags brought in by visitors, and anyone heading into the Southbridge hospital s emergency room will have to pass through one of two new metal detectors.

MORE: Suspect arrested after allegedly stabbing ER nurse in Southbridge1

The hospital is also adding cameras and panic buttons around the building. The changes come after emergency room nurse Elise Wilson was stabbed by a patient in June.

She required eight hours of surgery and became an advocate for security for hospital workers. Wilson s alleged attacker reportedly snuck a knife into the emergency room at Harrington Hospital.

MORE: Stabbing suspect held without bail as ER nurse fights for her life2

After checking himself in, police said he stabbed Wilson in the face and arm before running away. Hospital officials said nurses will have to go through new training on how to deal with aggressive behavior.

They said that training, along with new technology, will help them keep incidents like the stabbing from happening again.

2017 Cox Media Group.


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  2. ^ Stabbing suspect held without bail as ER nurse fights for her life (

Cake slicers, pen knives and Buckfast among items seized by security staff at courts since 2014

CAKE slices, pen knives and bottles of Buckfast were among items seized from people going into Northern Ireland courthouses in the past three years. The figures, released in a Freedom of Information request to The Irish News, cover objects confiscated by security staff at courts since 2014. Items were seized at just three of the north’s courthouses; Coleraine, Dungannon and Omagh. The G4S firm provide security at courts in Northern Ireland and data on items seized has been recorded since April 2014. A court security officer can ask for an item to be surrendered if they believe it causes a safety risk or if they believe it “may be evidence of, or in relation to, an offence”. The vast majority of items were seized in Coleraine, where there were 45 separate incidents in the three year period. A total of 25 knives of varying kinds were removed from people at the courthouse, while there were five instances of staff intervening to seize alcohol. In September 2015, two bottles of Buckfast and a bottle of Kopparberg cider were taken from people at the court in separate incidents on the same day. Among the more unusual items removed include cake slicers, confiscated from a court attendee in May 2014, and a screwdriver last October.

One pair of scissors, two nail clippers and five helmets were also taken by staff during the three year period up to July this year. In Omagh, a stanley knife and lock knife were removed by staff, while three darts and ‘possible illegal drugs’ were also confiscated in March 2015. Three pen knives and a three inch blade were seized by staff at Dungannon courthouse in 2014 and 2015.

Items seized by court staff: Omagh Court: Lock knife

Stanley knife Darts Possible illegal drugs

Dungannon: 3 inch blade knife Pen knives

Coleraine: Rucksacks Cider /beer

Bottles of Buckfast Cake slices Pocket and pen knives

Swiss army knives Nail clippers/files Motorcycle helmuts

Survival tools Trimming knives Screwdrivers

Assorted hand tools


Weighing up my options

Weighing Up My OptionsEvening all I have been doing some serious research the last 6 months and have been scanning the forums religiously for the past few years in order to help me make a decision whether to invest my money on a course or would I simply be throwing my money down the drain. I have observed a lot of negative posts by experienced members on here who have been in the industry for years claiming that the work is thin on the ground and it’s hard enough these days for an experienced CPO to get work let alone new comers. I had my mind set on not letting the negative posts put me off however there has been that many I would be silly to take the plunge and jump in and spend the money to not come away wth anything at the end of it.

I’m still young enough to join the forces and I was looking at the British Army. I’m looking for opinions from the more experienced chaos on her and employers. Would you advise me to take this route and follow the line of work say with the RMP or infantry regiments to help me gain the relevant skills in order to look at close protection in the long term?

CP is my long term goal and I have always dabbled with the idea of joining the forces and I know before anyone says that is my choice I can’t listen to anyone else or rely on anyone else to make that decision for me. Of course I know this however if you can hand on heart honestly say that strong military experience under my belt will secure me 80/90% chance of CP employment in the long run then it’s something I would be following up next week. What are people’s thoughts?

Thanks in advanced G

Weighing up my options