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C-Tech Forum: Cyber security imminent threats and being prepared

C-Tech Forum: Cyber Security Imminent Threats And Being Prepared

During the C-Tech Cyber Security Forum delegates heard from experts who addressed the widespread assumptions of cyber terror, the best defences, preparation and response techniques for the media and broadcasting industry. The likelihood of accelerated attacks going into 2018, is high, delegates heard, with the pace of digital transformation among OTT providers and digital distributors meaning there is lack of understanding around secure procedures and data protection.

There is a threat to media and broadcasting companies on a scale that we have never seen before – Spencer Stephens

Production and Media Technology Expert Spencer Stephens spoke to IBC365 about the impact of cyber security on the broadcasting industry. He said: First of all, accepting and ensuring senior management buy into the fact that the attacks are going to happen is incredibly important.

The pace is increasing, Stephens told IBC365.

We ve seen the availability of so many tools that make it less of a skilled exercise . Whether it s a breach of the CIA tools or whether it is the impact of starting to see malware as a service . Rather than themselves attacking anybody, they become a service offering for people who want to do it.

Stephens, who chaired the inaugural cyber security C-Tech Forum, said: What we are looking at here is an across the board threat to media and broadcasting companies on a scale that we have never seen before. An active defence is critical, he said: There are precedents for how you react at what point do you shoot back ? Cyber warfare is incredibly complicated, anybody who is not prepared for cyber attacks is really not understanding what is going on in the world.

For broadcasters, the potential breach of data and cyber threats can cause irrevocable damage to their reputation as well as legal implications. Stephens explained payment of ransom doesn t mean the hackers will comply with their demands and you could invariably be helping to fund terrorism.

There is a general principle that paying ransom money only inspires more people to do it.

What we learnt from the attack on the post house that led to the comprise of Netflix s Orange is the New Black is that paying the ransom doesn t always work . That content was released anyway, Stephens said.

The media sector is increasingly becoming a target to cyber criminals, DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison told delegates at IBC2017 during the panel discussion Safety in Numbers: Collaborating against cyber attacks . Joined by experts from across the broadcast industry production and supply chain, the resounding statements concluded due diligence must be exerted and common-sense practices need to be executed with complete awareness company-wide.

Arqiva Chief Information Security Officer Denis Onuoha said: Cyber security is the same as health and safety in this day and age. The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) launched at IBC2017 the Committed to Security Programme to help companies apply best security practices across production and broadcast environments. DPP MD Mark Harrison said: As concern about cyber security grows there have been repeated calls for more consistent practice regarding security measures.

But without a common frame of reference, this has been difficult for suppliers . The DPP s Committed to Security Programme establishes such a best practice framework.

No scheme can ever guarantee the removal of all cybersecurity breaches, Harrison said.

But by displaying the DPP Committed to Security logo companies are indicating to their customers that they are addressing cybersecurity in a structured fashion .

This is particularly important in multi-vendor environments where continuous change also requires continuous vigilance.

UEFA’s key stadium and security role

UEFA has emphasised its determination to take a leading role in the campaign to guarantee safety and security for fans at football matches throughout Europe. The latest UEFA-European Union Stadium and Security Conference in Munich brought together some 350 representatives of UEFA, the EU, national football associations, football clubs, police forces and other stakeholders for discussions and exchanges on the broad range of security-related issues surrounding the game. Topics on the agenda included how to counter the continuing problem of violence in and around stadiums, the threat of potential terrorist attacks at football matches, the dangers posed by, among others, pyrotechnics and drones, ensuring accessibility to football matches for all, and potential liabilities and risks for the organisers of football events.

Stakeholders at a panel discussion in Munich UEFA

The conference takes place at the start of each new club competition season, and the aim of the Munich gathering was to help participants keep pace with latest developments in stadium safety and security; share experiences from the previous season; and promote an integrated pan-European approach to security, involving governments, municipal authorities, police, security forces, football authorities, supporters and local communities. In a message to the conference, UEFA President Aleksander eferin underlined the European body s commitment to ridding football of various negative factors that create potential risks at matches, and which affect spectators enjoyment of the match experience. Supporters are the lifeblood of football, he said . Without them, the game would lose its atmosphere, its passion and its meaning.

We believe, the UEFA President continued, that spectators have the right to expect football events to take place in a safe, secure, comfortable and welcoming environment and that they should be able to feel excitement, rather than any kind of fear or concern. Mr eferin stressed that considerable work had been done to reduce spectator violence . However, we are still confronted with unsavoury incidents which occur inside and outside stadiums across the continent, he added.

There is also, of course, the threat of terrorist attacks at venues . This has now become a very real and serious threat that we must never neglect. The UEFA President described the UEFA-EU security conference as a unique forum in which all those working in the field of stadiums and security can meet to discuss, exchange ideas, make proposals and set the course for ongoing work in the future. The chairman of the UEFA Stadium and Security Committee, Michael van Praag, welcomed the funding provided by UEFA to implement its safety and security strategy over the coming years. The strategy has at its core the delivery of integrated and balanced safety, security and service for the vast majority of fans, he said, while, at the same time, seeking to exclude the small minority of troublemakers. Mr van Praag underlined that the strategy will maximise support for UEFA s member associations in their national safety and security work, as well as continuing the long-standing close co-operation between UEFA, the EU and Council of Europe.

Adrian Dinc , vice-chairman of the standing committee of the European Convention on Safety, Security and Service at the Council of Europe, said it was essential to guard against complacency in the campaign to ensure that football matches took place in a safe and welcoming environment. Regardless of better governance, the improvement of infrastructures and new security technologies, every week we have incidents where people are injured in every part of the world, he told the conference . That is why the safety and security topic must be continually discussed and refined.

This is one of the areas where we can never think that our job is finished, he added.

ARV course – shooting

ARV Course - ShootingHi there, I am planning to join an armed response team and I would like to know how good of a chance I have of passing Physically, I am pretty fit, I do runs all the time upwards of 3 miles so fitness isn’t a problem. I own an air rifle and do do some shooting and I’m definitely not the best shooter out there. How hard is the shooting part of the ARV course?

I know you do a week or two on the 9mm and another week or two on the carbine. How accurate do you have to be now? Isn’t it something like 70%? When I shoot an air rifle, the average I get is around 12-15 out of 20-25, but I don’t do it that reguarly. Sometimes I do it once a month, whenever I get time. I know it is different to shooting a proper carbine rifle and a handgun. I’ve been a cadet in my youth (some time ago now) and did okay with handling SA80s (horrible gun). So how hard is it and how much emphasis is put onto the firearms course? Nowadays they seem to want to get all the firearms officers they can get so I don’t mean if they’ll let standards slip because they shouldn’t but I’m not one to judge.

My force is Essex Police, but I might transfer to CO19 later.

Much Appreciated Alex Quote

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ARV course – shooting