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Trump says discussed forming cyber security unit with Putin

U.S . President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Sunday that he discussed forming a cyber security unit to guard against election hacking with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tweeting after his first meeting with Putin on Saturday, Trump said now was the time to work constructively with Moscow, pointing to a ceasefire deal in southwest Syria that came into effect on Sunday.

“Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe,” he said following their talks at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Trump said he had raised allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S . presidential election with Putin.

“I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election . He vehemently denied it . I’ve already given my opinion…..”

He added: “We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives . Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida immediately criticized the move on Twitter, saying Putin was not a trusted partner.

Partnering with Putin on a “Cyber Security Unit” is akin to partnering with (Syrian President Bashar al) Assad on a “Chemical Weapons Unit,” he wrote.

Investigations by a special counsel, Robert Mueller, and several U.S . congressional committees are looking into whether Russia interfered in the election and colluded with Trump’s campaign .

Those probes are focussed almost exclusively on Moscow s actions, lawmakers and intelligence officials say, and no evidence has surfaced publicly implicating other countries.

Moscow has denied any interference, and Trump says his campaign did not collude with Russia.

(Reporting by David Stamp, Valerie Volcovici and Yasmeen Abutaleb; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

Glastonbury Festival security guard reveals how life has changed since dancing with Katy Perry

When one of his colleagues needed to answer a call of nature, Glastonbury Festival1 security guard number 188 stepped in to the breach. Little did Darren Astall from Yeovil2 know, this decision was about to put him at the centre of one of this year’s most memorable moments from Worthy Farm. Darren was working as part of the Specialized Security team over the weekend when he found himself policing the crowd from the side of the Pyramid Stage as American superstar singer Katy Perry3 belted out a selection of her hits.

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What next for Glastonbury beyond 2018?

As she came to the climax of Chained to the Rhythm, Katy decided to explore the extremities of the stage and that’s when Darren gained global attention. As he watched over the crowd, he turned to find himself face-to-face with a dancing Katy and he immediately busted out some moves with her. Instantly, he became a global star and Somerset Live caught up with Darren to see how the last 48 hours have changed his life.

At first, Darren thought that it might not have been noticed but that was wishful thinking . He explained: “The ones in the pit the area at the front of the stage is called the pit, those guys were all facing forwards . Some of the girls at the other end of the stage out the corner of the eye could see what had happened and they were nudging one another.

“Once the set had ended, there was about a fifteen minute delay until I could get off the stage and get round the back . At this point everyone took one look at me and started to laugh and wiggling their backsides at me . There was quite a few jealous people that s for sure.”

Katy goes for a stroll stage right

Despite showing that he was a natural mover, Darren is expecting to be invited to be a dancer on Katy Perry’s next tour . He joked: “Let s just say that I m not holding my breath for a phone call, that s for sure.

“I was showing her a bit of Somerset hospitality, what we ve got to offer here.”

It seemed that Katy liked what she saw . With 1.4 million views of her Instagram video of the moment, she declared it her favourite moment,writing: “Nothing says a genuine good time like when security busts a move with u on the fly (sic)”.

Darren shows Katy he they dance in Somerset

Being a dancing security guard is not Darren’s day job, as he is actually a civil servant in Bristol . He explains how he ended up on the security staff of major music festivals.

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He said: “A mate got me involved with the company, Specialized Security, six years ago and said do you fancy coming along as they re looking for volunteers, they ll pay for your food.

“I thought, yeah why not, let s go for it . I started off doing Reading Festival and so far this year I ve done Download Festival, which was a couple weeks ago . They re one of the big players in the event stewarding market.”

That’s not how you do it, this is how you do it

So, how long was it before Darren had realised that he had caused a sensation across the world ? It would seem there was a delay due to the lack of mobile signal on site. He continued: “It happened on Saturday but there s no signal because you’ve got a couple hundred thousand people there, so the phone wasn t going off or anything.

“When I got to the end of the shift, I turned the data back on, at which point there were text messages, Facebook notifications and everything else and there s been a steady stream coming though ever since Saturday afternoon really.

“It became one of the iconic images of the festival, me doing the dance.”

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Darren said that it was all “a little bit awe inspiring” but it didn’t stop there though . With a taste for showing the world what he can do, Darren was part of the security crew that pulled out their best John Travolta moves for Stayin’ Alive during Barry Gibb’s legends set. Darren revealed: “Luckily for me I wasn t on the camera for that one because they would have seen how badly I could ve danced . I was in the same spot at the side of the stage but the camera didn t pan on me, luckily enough.”

The Pyramid Stage crowd loved it when the security danced as one and while it seemed a smooth piece of choreography, it was actually a last minute decision.

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“Literally it was Saturday afternoon when we found out that we were going to have to do it . We didn t start learning it until Sunday morning first thing, as our shift started at ten o clock and took every chance in the breaks we had to try and learn the dance.

“As you can imagine, most of us were like oh my god, how are we going to do this ? We thought there’s be no drinking on Saturday night as this was going to get more difficult and we would have no chance of getting through this.”

Perform it they did though and it raised one of the biggest cheers of the afternoon when it appeared on the big screens behind Barry Gibb.

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BBC Radio 2 breakfast show host Chris Evans, hailed Darren as his new hero because he seemed to “go with the flow” and there has been attention from the other side of the world, as his encounter with Katy reached Australia and the United States. Darren admitted: “I m not sure I am a global phenomenon but I definitely created a talking point.”

That’s probably the understatement of the festival and one that he will probably speaking about for a number of years to come . Well, at least until 2019, when he might light up the next Glastonbury Festival4 with more impromptu body shapes.


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Glastonbury revellers urged to be patient amid raised security checks

Festival goers are being asked to “be patient” as they contend with heightened security checks to get into Glastonbury. Extra car and bag searches mean getting on the site is likely to be a slow process for the thousands of ticket holders hoping to set up camp early. Avon and Somerset Police say there is “no intelligence” to suggest a specific threat to the festival. However, in the wake of the terror attacks in London and Manchester, increased security measures have been introduced. Assistant Chief Constable Caroline Peters says the policing style “may look and feel slightly different” but, like the rest of the UK, “festival-goers should be alert but not alarmed”. High visibility officers are going to be present throughout the festival, mostly for reassurance. “Police officers, they’re going to be wearing black shirts, they’re going to be wearing protective vests and body cameras – but that’s no different to any day to day patrol,” she added.

After the suicide attack on Manchester Arena, security at major music events has been a lot more visible. Armed police protected rockers at the Download Festival and the Isle of White. In Germany, thousands of people had to be evacuated from a rock festival when police received a credible terror threat. John Gearson, Professor of National Security Studies at King’s College, says police face a challenge; how best to deter copycats without making the public feel alarmed. “The difficult question, I think, for the police and for the organisers is how far an armed police presence will be appropriate and needed to deter people who might want to carry out armed attacks. “We are going to control it and contain it, but in the current climate people have to accept that there is a greater risk, let’s say a residual danger, than there was in previous years.

“People who think they’ve got nothing to do with politics will find they are the target of some of these terrible violent acts.” Festival goers have been asked to play their part in keeping Glastonbury safe and secure. Ticket-holders have been told to pack light, place luggage tags or ID on all bags and belongings including their name and mobile number. Queues getting into Glastonbury are nothing new . It is, after all, the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world. This time last year, on the Wednesday before the festival, congestion on the roads caused traffic jams that some claimed lasted almost 11 hours.

The reason then was simple: mud .

Flash floods meant poor conditions for driving onto the site.