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Security guard involved in Pokemon Go shooting appears in court

Security guard charged in Pokemon Go shooting death in court

1. Police say Chen was sitting in his minivan in a parking lot when he was shot by the security guard after an altercation . Chen’s family has said the man was playing Pokemon Go. In April, Cromwell’s attorney asked to be removed from the case2, citing a deteriorating level of trust and a lack of communication .

The judge granted the request, and Cromwell was assigned a court-appointed attorney.

Cromwell has remained in jail since his arrest.

2017 WVEC-TV


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Kromek’s DS3-ID security devices used on Trump’s visit to Brussels

Kromek Group PLC1 (LON:KMK2) has picked up some useful publicity with the news its radiation technology has been used at high profile political events.

Kromek s next generation standalone radiation detector, D3S-ID, was deployed by the European Commission s Counter Terrorism Unit of Directorate General for Home Affairs in Brussels.

The D3S-ID was part of security operations deployed during the NATO Security Summit and the US President, Donald Trump’s visit to Brussels last month, Kromek revealed.

Kromek was informed that the deployment was successful and its radiation detection systems performed well and met the desired high standards for accuracy and efficiency.

“We were pleased that the deployment was successful and that our detectors achieved the necessary high standards .

We look forward to continuing our work with the European Commission, DARPA and other national law enforcement agencies to deploy our best-of-breed radiation detectors to protect people and property,” said Dr Arnab Basu, chief executive officer of Kromek.

READ Kromek predicts ‘step-change’ in revenue growth as demand for detectors builds3


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Persirai: Mirai-a-like malware is your latest IoT security worry

Persirai: Mirai-a-like Malware Is Your Latest IoT Security Worry

Persirai malware has infected 120,000 Chinese-made IP cams

IT IS A WEDNESDAY, so it will come as no surprise that there’s a new Internet of Things (IoT) threat dong the rounds. Trend Micro has uncovered this latest threat, dubbed Persirai, which has reportedly been infecting Chinese-made wireless cameras for around a month now. The Mirai-like threat1, which is said to have infected 120,000 IP cameras so far, exploits flaws in the cameras that a security researcher reported back in March, Trend Micro claims2.

What’s more, owners of affected cameras unlikely will know that they have been affected, which the security firm says “makes it significantly easier for the perpetrators behind the malware to gain access to the IP Camera web interface via TCP Port 81.”

“IP cameras typically use Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which are network protocols that allow devices to open a port on the router and act like a server, making them highly visible targets for IoT malware,” the researchers explained.

Related: BrickerBot malware threatens to brick insecure IoT devices3

Once a hacker logs into the interface, he or she can then carry out a command injection to force the IP camera to connect to a download site to issue commands that download and execute malicious shell scripts . After the samples are downloaded, the Persirai malware deletes itself and runs only in memory.

“After receiving commands from the server, the IP Camera will then start automatically attacking other IP Cameras by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability that was made public a few months ago,” Trend Micro notes.

“Attackers exploiting this vulnerability will be able to get the password file from the user, providing them the means to do command injections regardless of password strength.”

Trend Micro warns that owners of a Chinese-made wireless camera should be on guard and should make sure that they are not using the default password. However, the real problem is the maker of these cameras, the security firm adds.

“The burden of IoT security does not rest on the user alone it’s also dependent on the vendors themselves, as they should be the ones responsible for making sure that their devices are secure and always updated,” Trend Micro concludes.


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