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Cricket Australia assure fans over security for Boxing Day Test

Last Updated: 23/12/16 8:56am

Melbourne Cricket Ground, which hosts the traditional Boxing Day Test

Cricket Australia has assured fans that security will be tight for the traditional Boxing Day Test in Melbourne. Australia will begin Monday’s second Test against Pakistan with a one-nil lead in the three-match series, which follows a foiled terror plot targeting prominent sites in Melbourne. Counter-terrorism police and Australia’s domestic spy agency in Victoria recently conducted overnight raids on homes in the suburbs of Melbourne where they arrested six men and a woman. With obvious concerns over the historic fixture, which starts on December 26, Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland said: “Our security team is in contact with the relevant authorities to ensure we have the appropriate level of security at the Boxing Day Test and other cricket matches being held around the country.

“The safety and security of our fans, players and officials attending any cricket match is our number one priority. “We applaud Victoria Police for their efforts this morning in neutralising the threat and we will continue to work with the relevant authorities to ensure the highest security standards and protocols are maintained.” Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has praised counter-terrorism police for foiling the ‘Islamist terrorist plot’ planning to target iconic locations on Christmas Day1. He said: “This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots that have been disrupted over the last several years. “They have been thwarted . They are in custody .

They are no longer a threat to Australians’ security.

“What these criminals seek to do is to kill, but they also seek to frighten us, to cower us into abandoning our Australian way of life, they want to frighten and divide Australians.”


  1. ^ Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has praised counter-terrorism police for foiling the ‘Islamist terrorist plot’ planning to target iconic locations on Christmas Day (

2015 140 Yet again the police seem to be running roughshod over …

Message body

Subject: 20151117-Criminal Conduct by Hampshire Police Officers URGENT
From: Simon Bunce
Sent: 02:18, Tuesday, 17 November 2015

For the Attn: Mr S Hayes (PCC for Hampshire)


1. At 9.41am, Friday October 30, 2015, a Police Sergeant called Steve G. Parker, an employee of Chief Constable Andy Marsh did, by accident, email me an internal Police message , which was meant for a DC Chris Whittington at Basingstoke CID.


This email is absolute proof that serving Police Officers working for Chief Constable Andy Marsh broke the criminal law, and I shall explain.

3. The email, referred to at Para (1) above was as follows:

a. And so it goes on, the challenge now of course is to get him to say a word!

This approach may cause him some issues with the CO and MH team!! Steve
Test Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel Internal 761 127 External 101

4. For your information, I have been informed by my Legal Representative that CO stands for Custody Officer, and MH stands for Mental Health.

5. In so far as this was planned in advance, this conduct breaches:


The Equality Act 2010, Part Two, Chapter One, section 6(4)(b) in that it is prohibited conduct to perceive a disability in a person (which may or may not exist) and then seek to treat them differently because of that perception . Under section 4 (Protected conditions) includes mental health .

b. As PS 1333 Parker is Crown Servant, this conduct flows directly to The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (as amended in 2007), and then directly to a breach of Art.

10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, enshrined in law in The Human Rights Act 1998. Bunce v UK re.

053344/07 refers from when Hampshire Police breached Art 6 on March 2, 2004

c. Therefore, employees of Mr A Marsh have committed criminal offences against me, and with the added charge of conspiracy to commit , in that PS Parker then admitted to me that sending me the above email was an error as it should have gone to DC Chris Whittington. Common Law offence


I object in the strongest possible terms regarding this criminal conduct.

7. For your information, Sir, on November 3, 2015, I revalidated my UK Civil Aviation European Union Class One Medical Certificate linked to my Pilot s Licences (and I have been flying since 1979). This means that I am trusted, should I want to, to fly you and your family on holiday as this is the highest level of civilian medical certification available in the UK today.


Please record this as a complaint against Mr Andy Marsh because he is ultimately responsible for the criminal conduct of his employees.

9. Please also note that the Department for Professional Standards (Mr M Lacy) refuses to record this criminal act as a complaint, and my report to the IPCC regarding the non recording was sent by me to the IPCC on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

10. I shall be issuing a claim of unspecified damages against the Chief Constable of Hampshire Police and I have put the force solicitor on notice to this and for your information, his name is Mr Roger S.

Trencher (solicitor since 1990) but as Mr Trencher has previously misled a Court in Hampshire (on Friday, July 17, 2015) against me, he is being investigated by the Solicitor s Regulation Authority, as has the assistance Force Solicitor, Ms Ravenswood because she too has misled Hampshire Police persons (and a Court), and the complaint was against SUPT 35 Schofield regarding a totally false allegation made against me on July 5, 2015. (All charges dropped).

11. If Mr Marsh cannot control The Test Valley Neighbourhood Team based at Andover Police Station, and here I include the likes of PC 939 Taylor, PC2000 Dowinton and PS 1333 Parker, I suggest he sacks them all to save money because he is going to need it to pay my claim in damages.

12. In the meantime, please inform Mr Marsh of this complaint and tell him from me, he looked tired on Sunday, November 8, 2015, at Andover War Memorial when I saw him there I was one of the Standard Bearers on parade.

Perhaps his use of new technology is wasted on non-technically qualified police persons.


Finally, I don t use my military rank in day to day life, but for your information I am Squadron Leader S C Bunce RAF (Rtd).

14. Costs Reserved

Thank you.

I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this email complaint.

I reserve the right to introduce this communication into the High Court in my action against The Chief Constable of Hampshire Police (on Application).

Kindest regards,

Simon Bunce

(in person)

Democratic Voters Overwhelmingly Think Clinton Won Debate …

A Public Policy Polling survey of Democratic primary voters nationally who watched tonight s debate finds that it reinforced Hillary Clinton s front runner status. Viewers overwhelmingly think she won the debate, and particularly trust her over the rest of the Democratic field when it comes to issues of national security.

Key findings from the survey include:

-67% of voters think Clinton won the debate, to 20% for Bernie Sanders and 7% for Martin O Malley. On a related note 63% of viewers said the debate gave them a more positive opinion of Clinton, compared to 41% who said it gave them a more positive opinion of Sanders, and 37% who said it gave them a more positive opinion of O Malley.

-Clinton is by a wide margin the candidate debate watchers trust the most on national security issues.

75% say they have the most faith in Clinton on that front, compared to only 17% for Sanders, and 5% for O Malley. National security issues were a primary focus tonight in the aftermath of yesterday s tragedy in France, and Democratic voters by far and away trust Clinton the most on that issue.

-What s particularly striking is how universal the sentiment that Clinton won the debate tonight is among all the different groups within the Democratic Party.

86% of African Americans, 73% of women, 70% of moderates, 69% of seniors, 67% of Hispanics, 65% of liberals, 61% of white voters, 58% of men, and 50% of younger voters all think that Clinton was the winner of tonight s debate.

-Overall among those who watched the debate tonight, 67% say they plan to vote for Clinton in the primary to 25% for Sanders, and 4% for O Malley.

Clinton came into tonight s debate as the clear front runner for the Democrats and these numbers make it clear that the debate and particularly Clinton s strength on national security issues just reinforced her front runner status.

PPP interviewed 510 Democratic primary voters nationally by telephone after the debate who had been pre-screened on Thursday and Friday as planning to watch the debate and willing to give their opinions about it afterward. The survey s margin of error is +/-4.3%.

This research was conducted on behalf of Correct The Record.

Full results here1


  1. ^ here (