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Manchester Arndale evacuated as UK on alert

Manchester’s Arndale Centre has been evacuated, with people seen running away screaming and witnesses saying a man was arrested by armed police.

“Security guards and police who were armed shouted at people to get away,” said Sky’s Mike McCarthy, at the scene. “At least 100 people came round the corner – many of them screaming and trying to get away.” Some people fell over in the rush to get away and police with sniffer dogs went inside the shopping centre, said McCarthy. Police said they do not think it was related to the incident at Manchester Arena and the centre has now reopened.

Image: Some people were in tears as the shopping centre was evacuated

The evacuation happened around 12 hours after a bomb attack killed 22 people at a concert at the arena.1 :: Live updates – Manchester attack2 Extra armed police are on UK streets after the attack, with a high state of alert seeing a suspicious item blown up in Manchester in the early hours.

Image: People leave the Arndale Centre after it was evacuated

A controlled explosion took place just after 1.30am in Cathedral Gardens, near the site of the attack, but it later turned out to be a pile of abandoned clothing.

:: Security services think they know who bomber is3 Another suspicious item sparked an evacuation of London’s Victoria coach station around 6.40am. Passengers were moved to the end of the street as the area was cordoned off and buses diverted . However, the alert was called off shortly after 8am.

Image: Cars arriving at Manchester United’s training ground were also searched

Manchester United players arriving at the team’s Carrington training ground have also had their cars searched. Security staff used mirrors to check underneath vehicles and opened up the boots. The team are getting set for Wednesday’s Europa League final against Ajax in Stockholm.

:: Manchester Arena witness: ‘It was absolute carnage’4

A “mix of armed and unarmed officers” were called up for the rush hour in London, with Met Police chief Cressida Dick saying they would “continue for as long as is needed”. Police Scotland said more armed officers would be at “transport hubs and crowded places”. Policing in crowded places is also being reviewed in the West Midlands, Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. Extra armed officers were called up in London and other cities after the Westminster attack in March and the Berlin attack in December. The threat from international terrorism in the UK remains “severe” – as it has been since August 2014 – meaning an attack is highly likely.


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Hero security guard saves colleagues’ lives as he shoots ‘drugged-up’ robber in terrifying bank raid

A security guard is being hailed a hero for saving his colleagues’ lives after shooting1 a ‘drugged-up’ bank robber.

Brian Harrison will not face criminal charges after firing two shots and fatally injuring the masked man.

The incident occurred on January 20 at the Alpine Bank2 in Rockford, Illinois.

Police say 34-year-old Laurence Turner, from Rockford, tried to rob the bank3 on Friday afternoon. He is said to have fired a shot at the ceiling.

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Brian Harrison fired two shots at Laurence Turner

In the clip, Turner can be seen shooting into the air and it is at this point that Harrison and Turner exchange gunfire. After guns are fired, Turner turns and tries to flee from the bank, but collapses from his rooms in the doorway.

According to WIFR News4 , Turner was on drugs at the time of the shooting and was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Shocking footage shows moment bank robber is fatally shot by security guard Laurence Turner died at the scene

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No employees were injured during the incident and no customers inside the bank were hurt.

Authorities believe Turner may have been involved in similar robberies in the Rockford area of the past few months.

Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato said: “There is no doubt in my mind that the actions of Brian Harrison saved the lives of those that were employees in the Alpine Bank location on that date and saved his own life.”


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New mum embarrassed and humiliated after Heathrow Airport security dumped five days’ worth of breast milk

A new mum says she was left humiliated after security at Heathrow Airport1 stopped her and binned five days’ worth of breast milk.

Katie Langan, 33, had expressed the milk for her one-year-old daughter Layla during a five-day break in which she celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends in London. But the HR manager was shocked when airport security seized 10 bags each containing 80ml of milk as she travelled home to the Netherlands. Katie said she offered to check the milk in and even pay 60 for extra baggage, but the male staff member insisted that it had failed security so it had to be confiscated.

The expressed breast milk that was confiscated by airport security

Katie, originally of Swansea, South Wales, said she was treated with “contempt” and a “lack of respect” and was left in tears in front of queues of people on New Year’s Day.

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She said: “I was embarrassed and humiliated . I had to explain about my breastfeeding2 to a man.

“I was totally heartbroken that I had to dump this breast milk that I had put love and time into pumping . It is a chore but it’s a labour of love.

“This means that the next time I go away, my baby can’t have breast milk.”

She added: “I just don’t want other women to experience what I experienced.

“I was absolutely horrified by the guy’s reaction . I was quite creative in thinking up solutions and thought of a few different ways that I could get around it.

Katie says she was left humiliated and embarrassed

“But he was not willing to help me . It was extremely frustrating.

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“It was either stand there and argue with him or miss my flight, which I didn’t want to do because I had been away from my baby.”

While Katie was away she pumped two to three times a day, giving her 10 bags of milk containing roughly 80ml, each of which took around 20 minutes to pump.

If mums don’t continue to express milk when they’re away from their babies3 , their supply reduces meaning that they cannot produce as much when they return. Katie has travelled 20 times over the past year for work, through airports including Boston, Istanbul, Bristol, Amsterdam and Edinburgh.

Katie with daughter Layla and partner Winus Van Asselt

She always carries the milk in special bags which staff x-ray, inspect and swab, and she has never had any problems getting it through security.

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Katie, who lives in the Netherlands with her partner Winus Van Asselt, 34, said: “When I arrive at security I always announce that I’m travelling with breast milk to alert them and they usually do separate testing.

“This time as usual I went through the x-ray machine and when I got to the end this man opened up my bag.

“He said, ‘It is above the limit for general liquids.’ I said, ‘Breast milk is exempt, I have done this before and never had a problem.’

“He said he couldn’t understand why I was travelling with breast milk without my baby.”

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She said the man handled her breast milk “like it was dog food” and added: “They just don’t care.

“I received a response from Heathrow but it was just copy and paste bull c*** from the policy.”

She added: “Why is Heathrow so much stricter than other airports I have travelled through in Europe and not had a problem?”

The current limit for liquids in carry-on luggage is 100ml, with larger amounts needing to be checked in.

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Parents travelling through UK airports can take breast milk on a plane as long as they are travelling with a baby or infant, according to the Department for Transport4 . Heathrow Airport said that it has a legal obligation to enforce to regulations.

A spokesperson said: “We do appreciate that this has been a frustrating experience for Ms Langan and we always regret causing inconvenience.”

“When travelling without your child, the restriction limits apply without exception,” they added.

“Passengers wishing to transport in excess of that are welcome to do so in their hold luggage.”


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