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‘Threat fades, security stays,’ in Belgium

Belgian soldiers stand guard outside Brussels’ Central railway station | Philippe Huguen/AFP via Getty Images

Also on Europe s front pages: France boosts its attractiveness and UK hosts another royal wedding.

By 1

1/23/18, 8:51 AM CET


Die Welt and S ddeutsche Zeitung focused on German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier s take on the coalition talks between the Social Democrats and Angela Merkel s conservatives . Europe, he said, is waiting for a German government that can bring peace and order back to crisis regions in this world, Die Welt reported2 . Frankfurter Allgemeine led with the joint message of Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, in which the two leaders announced their intention to work together more closely.

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium


Le Figaro reported on Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet being forced by trade unions to tackle overpopulation and radical Islamic conversion in prisons . Lib ration and Le Monde looked at Macron s decision to welcome foreign investors at Versailles to show off the country s boost in foreign investments over the last five years. According to Lib ration3, the event said as much about the attractiveness of the French economy as it did about the head of state s talent for setting a scene.

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium


De Tijd reported that foreign companies are creating a record number of jobs in Flanders, and De Standaard s front page looked at the controversial issue of funding local health centers4 . On the terror threat level in Belgium being lowered5 to unlikely, Le Soir s headline read: The threat fades, security stays, referring to government plans to keep soldiers on patrol in Brussels streets.

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium


The British press had another royal engagement to occupy front pages this morning, as Princess Eugenie announced that she will marry her long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle in the fall . Comparisons to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who will marry there in May, were common, with the Daily Metro s headline reading: Anything Meghan can do

In political news, the Guardian reported on the head of Britain s National Security Centre warning that it s only a matter of time until Britain suffers a major cyberattack . The Times reported that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is urging the prime minister to greenlight a 5 billion annual cash injection into the National Health Service.

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

'Threat Fades, Security Stays,' In Belgium

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Almost Famous inquest: Printworks security guard breaks down as he tells court how he tried to save teenager’s life

A Printworks security guard broke down in court as he described his efforts to save the life of a teenager who died after suffering an allergic reaction to food. Shahida Shahid, 18, from Worsley, collapsed within an hour of leaving Almost Famous in the Great Northern Warehouse in January, 2015, where she had enjoyed a meal with friends at the end of their first term at the University of Manchester. The talented maths student was treated with her Epipen, which administers a burst of adrenaline to counter any allergic reaction, but she suffered severe brain damage and died in hospital three days later.

An inquest into her death has heard she died after being served chicken which had been marinated in buttermilk. Imran Farooqi, a security guard who tended to Shahida at the Printworks that night, broke down in court as he described trying to save her. The special constable said: “She was just finding it difficult to breathe . Her appearance was deteriorating . She was getting pale in her face.

“I’ve knelt down and looked at Shahida and requested over the radio for the cameras to be put on Norwegian Blue because she doesn’t look well .

She was sat down.

Shahida Shahid

“One of her friends said she was finding it hard to breathe . I started speaking to Shahida . You could see her face was going paler.

“She was scratching herself vigorously . It was hard to control her . She grabbed hold of me and was crying for help.”

Mr Farooqi paused and began to cry quietly in the witness box. He continued: “Being a father with a daughter of a similar age, my father role just kicked in before you know it . She was gasping for air .

Her stomach was bloated.

“Me and my colleague put her in the recovery position and then I shouted for assistance, and asked to get the defibrillator down.”

Mr Farooqi said he took it in turns to carry out CPR with a fellow security guard, the inquest heard.

Shahida Shahid was celebrating the end of her first term at Manchester University

Asked if he thought she was responding to treatment, he said: To be quite truthful, there was no recovery in her . We just followed the instructions of the defibrillator . I think it was 20 minutes we were doing CPR. Emma Tattersall, who had known Shahida from the age of three, recalled how Shahida appeared to have been crying when she started having her allergic reaction against the wall of Norwegian Blue bar at The Printworks. Ms Tattersall said: She did look really red, maybe puffy .

I can t be sure but yes . Shahida also began scratching herself vigorously.

She was proper scratching around her legs . The security guards had to hold her arms to stop her from doing it. Lauren Davies, a close friend of Shahida who knew her from their time at Walkden College, told the jury how her friend made a point of explaining to the Almost Famous waiter about her allergies. Lauren, Shahida and their group of friends got the train into Manchester, arriving around 6pm, the inquest was told.

The Printworks, Manchester

Ms Davies described how the group went into Almost Famous, in the Great Northern Warehouse, got a table immediately and then went to the bar to place their order. She told the inquest she wasn t worried about Shahida.

She always told everyone what her allergies were, she said. At the bar, although the group were chatting, Ms Davies said she recalled Shahida speaking to the waiter about her allergies.

She definitely explained to the waiter what she was allergic to and asked for advice, said Ms Davies.

She continued: I don t think I heard all of the conversation . I wasn t involved in the conversation but I did overhear her saying what she was allergic to.

Great Northern Warehouse on Deansgate, Manchester, home to Almost Famous

The barman who took the order , Reiss Balfour, went away after talking to Shahida, the inquest is told. Ms Davies said: He went to talk to someone . I don t think he was sure and then he came back, I think.”

She recalled Shahida saying that the waiter had said she could have the burger but not the coleslaw or the sauce.

Shahida ordered the awesome frickin chicken sandwich and then went away to another area to order her drink, the inquest is told. Ms Davies said she believed Shahida ate the chicken but left the bun it came with.

She seemed fine . We were still all chatting and talking . She didn t say anything about the meal . We went into the photobooth and left shortly after, Ms Davies told the hearing.

Another friend who had been out with Shahida that night, Hollie Blaydes, said she first met Shahida when they studied at Walkden High School together. Asked if she was aware of Shahida s allergies, Ms Blaydes said: She would speak about it and we were all aware of it.

Shahida Shahid

Shahida had made a point of telling the barman of her dietary requirements, the jurors were told. Ms Blaydes said: I could overhear her telling them she was allergic to dairy, nuts and fish, what she usually says when she goes out and what we are all used to her saying.

I remember definitely hearing her saying what she was allergic to . I don t know if she said can I have this or can I have that ?

but she told them what she was allergic to. Giving calm and studied evidence from the witness box, Ms Blaydes told the jurors how she saw her friend become distressed when they arrived at The Printworks, although security staff there initially thought the group had been drinking. The inquest heard how Shahida had drunk Coke that night and the others had consumed only soft drinks.

Ms Blaydes explained: I think they thought we were drinking, but we were saying no we haven t had anything . She just seemed to get worse from that point . Then she mentioned the epi pen. Another member of the group of friends, Nahla Halabi, applied the epi pen to Shahida, the inquest was told. Ms Blaydes said the epi pen went into Sahida s thigh although she agreed her friend showed no reaction to having been pricked by the pen, which administers adrenaline to combat allergic reactions.

She told the court Shahida showed no signs of making a recovery once the epi pen had been applied. Ms Davies told the inquest: She just took her coat off and went up against the wall of Norwegian Blue on her own . We just stopped and crouched down to see if she was OK . She said she felt really hot . She was quite sweaty .

She said she was itchy .

It all went quite quickly after that.”

The inquest is proceeding.

Cologne criticise ‘inadequate’ Arsenal security measures

Last Updated: 15/09/17 6:35pm

Extra police were deployed at Emirates Stadium after fan disorder before kick-off

Cologne have criticised “inadequate” security measures at the Emirates after crowd issues in their Europa League tie with Arsenal.

UEFA has charged Arsenal with blocking stairways in the away supporters section of the stadium during the Group H fixture, while Cologne face four counts – crowd disturbances; the setting off of fireworks; throwing objects; and acts of damage.1

Arsenal have already begun an investigation into the incidents, which led to five people being arrested following crowd disturbances. Arsenal have announced they are undertaking a full review into the events on Thursday, and said “the safety of everyone in and around Emirates Stadium is always our paramount consideration”. Cologne have condemned the incidents, which saw the game kick off an hour late, but believe it would have been “sensible” for the German side to be given more than their 3,000-seat allocation, with another 17,000 of the club’s supporters understood to have made the trip to London. “Due to the enormous demand for tickets, it would have been sensible, not least for security reasons, to allow more than the allocated five per cent of stadium capacity to the guest fans,” a Cologne statement read. “It was apparent that thousands of people from Cologne would seek to avoid the restrictions and get tickets in every way possible.

Arsene Wenger believes it would be ‘completely unfair’ for UEFA to punish Arsenal for the crowd violence which marred the win over Cologne

“One such way would be through the help of Arsenal supporters, who passed on their tickets to the FC fans . Some as gifts, but some also for horrendous prices.” Arsenal have acknowledged a number of away supporters had gained access to home sections “illegally, most likely via ticket touts”. The Premier League club also confirmed that anyone who became an Arsenal member after the UEFA Europa League draw would not have been eligible to buy tickets through their box office or ticket exchange services.

The safety of everyone in and around Emirates Stadium is always our paramount consideration.

Arsenal statement

An Arsenal statement read: “Any tickets found that have been sold or purchased illegally will be traced back to the original purchaser who will have their membership cancelled and the appropriate action taken.

“We are satisfied that the joint decision to delay the match by one hour and play with a 9.05pmkick-offf was the best and safest option . This was the first time in 20 years of European competition we have had to take such an action . Ultimately the match passed off safely.”

Cologne insist they, along with Arsenal, urged fans to purchase tickets only through official channels, and although the club believe the match going ahead was the correct decision, they questioned the security measures in place. “Despite the tremendous experience of both the London security forces and Arsenal as a permanent partaker in European football, the organisers were unfortunately not adequately prepared for the task,” the statement continued. “In our view, the security concept and communication seemed inadequate and the police force too small.

In our view, the security concept and communication seemed inadequate and the police force too small.

Cologne statement

“The most important common goal of having the match played on the same evening was achieved by allowing fans with valid tickets to quickly take their seats . This procedure proved to be the correct decision . Finally, the course of the match showed that the mixing of home and away fans did not constitute a safety risk for this match.” Cologne apologised to Arsenal for “a group of so-called disturbers” which they said “threatened, insulted, and even attacked stewards and police officers without cause”.

Chelsea vs Arsenal

September 17, 2017, 12:30pm

Live on Cologne Criticise 'inadequate' Arsenal Security Measures

However, the Bundesliga side remained adamant they were not responsible for this minority.

The statement continued: “These people are solely responsible for the fact that a football match with a special meaning for an entire region, as well as the courageous effort of our team on the pitch, had to be overshadowed by scenes that had nothing to do with sport and fair play.”

Arsenal are back in Premier League action this weekend as part of a Super Sunday double-bill .

Coverage of Chelsea v Arsenal begins at 12:30pm on Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Main Event, followed by Manchester United v Everton.


  1. ^ UEFA has charged Arsenal with blocking stairways in the away supporters section of the stadium during the Group H fixture, while Cologne face four counts – crowd disturbances; the setting off of fireworks; throwing objects; and acts of damage. (