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Venezuela security forces battle anti-Maduro protesters

CARACAS Venezuelan security forces quelled masked protesters with tear gas, water cannons and pepper spray in Caracas on Tuesday after blocking an opposition rally against socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

The clashes began after authorities closed subway stations, set up checkpoints and cordoned off a square where opponents had planned their latest protest against autocratic government and a crippling economic crisis.

In cat-and-mouse skirmishes on backstreets and highways around the capital, youths built barricades, burnt trash and hurled rocks and bottles at soldiers and police . Various opposition leaders organised roadblocks.

Police used pepper spray on National Assembly head Julio Borges, two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles and rights activist Lilian Tintori, as they led protesters onto highways and jostled at barricades, witnesses said.

Opposition activists said armed pro-government gangs joined the fray and opened fire. “About 50-100 guys arrived on bike and started to shoot in the air,” protester Bernardo Sanchez told local media, saying a bullet had lodged in his thigh.

In one street, kneeling women sang the national anthem as neighbours banged pots and pans from nearby buildings in a show of anger against a government they blame for a deep recession that has led to shortages of food and basics.

“We’re going to get rid of them but we have to fight,” said Jose Zapata, 57, an electrician, as he marched with a stick in his hand.

Overlooking one wide avenue, some pro-Maduro residents in a state housing project threw trash onto protesters below.

With thousands out on both sides, supporters of the 54-year-old president organised their own rally, in a volatile scenario seen constantly during the 18 years of leftist rule in the South American nation.

“They want an intervention in Venezuela,” said Prisons Ministry worker Juan Aponte, 34, who wore the red colours of the ruling Socialist Party.

Protests also were staged in other cities and more are planned across the country for Thursday.

The government accuses opposition parties of abetting a U.S.-led plot to topple Maduro, who has ruled Venezuela since the 2013 death of Hugo Chavez.


Tensions have soared in the oil-producing country’s long-running political standoff after the pro-Maduro Supreme Court last week annulled the opposition-led congress’ functions.

Although the court retracted that ruling over the weekend, the National Assembly remains powerless due to previous court judgement.

The renewed instability sent Venezuelan bonds lower, with the benchmark 2027 paper’s price down 4.4 percent.

Foreign pressure on Maduro has risen as opposition protests resumed late last week.

“Here the world can see the dictatorial path Mr . Maduro has chosen,” Capriles said.

Maduro says the U.S . government and other foes are whipping up hysteria against him to lay the ground for a coup.

“From the north (the United States), they give the order to the defeated fascist right of Venezuela to fill the streets with violence and blood,” Maduro said on state TV.

“In Caracas, in Venezuela, peace has triumphed once again.”

Maduro’s administration is particularly furious with Organization of American States head Luis Almagro, who is leading regional condemnation.

The regional bloc on Monday urged Venezuela to restore congress’ authority and guarantee separation of powers, but Venezuela’s representative walked out, as did the envoy from fellow leftist Bolivia, which holds the OAS presidency.

“The OAS has surpassed itself in aggression against Venezuela,” Maduro said late on Monday. “It is a real court of inquisition, carrying out abuses and vulgarities.”

Venezuela’s opposition won a National Assembly majority in late 2015 but the Supreme Court has overturned almost all its measures.

Due to the chaos in Caracas, the legislature postponed until Wednesday a session to censure the “rupture” of Venezuela’s constitution . Legislators also plan this week to start proceedings to remove Supreme Court judges but that would only be a symbolic rebuke since congress has no power to act.

(Additional reporting by Diego Ore, Carlos Rawlins, Eyanir Chinea and Andrew Cawthorne; Writing by Andrew Cawthorne; Editing by Bill Trott, Toni Reinhold)

PSS/ Paramedic’s and PSS/ Translator’s, Iraq.

PSS/ Paramedic's And PSS/ Translator's, Iraq.CONSTELLIS is recruiting for PSS/ Paramedic and PSS/ Translator vacancies in Iraq. The location for these positions is OCONUS at one of the below sites: Baghdad Iraq, Basira Iraq, or Irbil Iraq. Job description; Perform day-to-day personal protective security functions Drive the lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, follow-vehicle, and/or acting as response agent whenever required in motorcade or similar operations Maintains assigned protective formation position during principal’s walking movements Participates in advance security preparations Mans the security post at the principal’s residence or mans the command post, or other static post as required The PSS/ Translator will perform interpreter/translator duties as required The PSS/ Paramedic will provide advanced emergency medical care to Contractor personnel, COM personnel, and others at the direction of DS/RSO, including invasive and pharmacological interventions within the Contractor’s Scope of Practice and in alignment with the National Emergency Medical Services Scope of Practice and Clinical Protocol Guidance Minimum qualifications; US citizen Valid US issued passport and current driver’s license Must possess a minimum of three (3) years of applicable experience Must qualify with the Glock-19, M4, M203, M240, M249, and Remington 870 shotgun, requalifying as required by the task order Must attend and complete all required training Obtain and maintain a personnel security clearance/public trust certification as required for the contract Complete the Physical Readiness Test at the 65% performance level, and maintain that fitness level for the duration of his/her service on the task order Possess no impediments to travelling overseas to and within countries that are considered dangerous or unhealthy in general, or to the country or countries assigned in the applicable task order in specific For more information follow the links below.

PSS/ Paramedic and PSS/ Translator, Iraq. – PALADIN JOBS

Read More: PSS/ Paramedic’s and PSS/ Translator’s, Iraq.

Yves B har creates unthreatening design for Cobalt security robot

Yves B har‘s studio Fuseproject worked with robotics company Cobalt to create this robot security guard, designed to be in “stark contrast to the Hollywood dystopian Robocop”.123

The robot was unveiled today in San Francisco by new company Cobalt, which was founded in 2016 by engineers formerly of Google X and SpaceX4.

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

Looking more like a tall speaker than an authoritarian android, the Cobalt security robot has an exterior made from aluminium and fabric. It is designed to operate in offices and foyers, where it performs basic functions like scanning ID cards, but also uses its sensors to detect possible security threats.

B har5 is behind the robot’s form and interaction design, for which he focused on creating a machine that would be accessible and look unthreatening.

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

“We wanted to design Cobalt to represent a best-case scenario in which technology supports our daily lives,” said B har. “Technology can provide awareness, and accountability, keeping us safe without feeling authoritarian.”

“Cobalt is a stark contrast to the Hollywood dystopian Robocop it discreetly fits into its environment, provides a platform to grow with our needs, and enhances human ability without replacing the human.”

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

Both B har and Cobalt stress that the self-driving robot is intended to work alongside humans rather than replace them. With data gathered through its sensors and interpreted by advanced algorithms, Cobalt claims the robot will be able to detect and flag anomalies beyond what would be noticeable to a human guard.

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

ElliQ robot by Yves B har helps older adults stay connected to the world


It is able to work around-the-clock, and at smaller buildings where the cost of a human security guard might be prohibitive . It also keeps human security personnel out of situations that might be dangerous. However, humans are not entirely removed from the equation, as robot fleets are supported by a human supervisor who may be working remotely . People in need of assistance have the option to use the Cobalt robot to call the supervisor, who then appears on the screen, giving the machine a literal human face.

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

“One of the core fundamental values of Cobalt is to enable human-to-machine interactions, said Cobalt CTO and co-founder Erik Schluntz. “The way we do that is designing a robot to interact with and around people.”

B har who has already shaped the design of robotic devices ranging from cribs7 to juicers8 gave the robot a fabric covering to convey a “soft and friendly” persona.

“We decided that the robot should not adopt a humanoid personality,” he said. “Instead, it should aesthetically align with the furniture and decor of the office environment.”

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

The tensile fabric which covers the robot’s sensors, cameras and self-driving mechanism also has the benefit of preventing overheating by increasing airflow. A CNC aluminium element at the head of the robot holds the display, office ID scanner and various buttons .

It can roam fluidly around a space, and is just tall enough to operate around most open-plan office cubicles. It reads environments using a combination of 360-degree and depth cameras, infrared and ultrasonic sensors, and smoke detectors . Algorithms involving machine learning, semantic mapping, novelty detection, and deep neural networks are used to interpret the data.

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

Some common abnormalities Cobalt suggests the robot would spot are an open window, a loud noise, a gas leak, a suspicious package or an after-hours intruder .

In the case of an incident, the robot begins recording and engages its supervisor.

“Security guards should not put themselves in dangerous situations, nor do they have the ability to know everything that is happening in an office,” said B har. “This is where a robot can be truly effective.”

“With the right sensing abilities, a robot can detect anything happening that is out of the ordinary.”

Yves B Har Creates Unthreatening Design For Cobalt Security Robot - Dezeen

BMW working with psychologists to help robot cars befriend passengers



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