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Kurdish woman attacked by Erdogan’s guards speaks out

  • Ceres Borazan claims a Turkish bodyguard threatened to kill her in Washington
  • She was protesting outside the Turkish ambassador’s house on Embassy Row
  • Members of President Recep Erdogan’s security detail attacked the protesters
  • Senator John McCain called on President Trump to expel the ambassador





A Kurdish student claims Turkish 3president Tayyip Recep Erdogan’s security detail threatened to kill her during a demonstration outside the ambassador’s residence in Washington. Erdogan was in Washington to meet with Donald Trump 4when members of the Kurdish community decided to protest outside the ambassador’s residence. However, 26-year-old Ceres Borazan, a Kurd from Turkey, claims she was man handled by Erdogan’s security detail who were filmed attacking protesters on the street.

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Ceren Borazan claimed a member of President Erdogan’s security detail threatened to kill her outside the Turkish embassy in Washington where Kurdish people were holding a protest

Ms Borazan, pictured, claimed she suffered a popped blood vessel in her eye during the attack

At least 12 people including one police officer were injured following the disturbance She wrote about her ordeal on Facebook: ‘They attacked women, children and the elderly with reckless abandon . I ran in the opposite direction from our friends and got caught by one of the security guards . He put me in a headlock to the point where he popped a blood vessel in my eye.’

Ms Borazan claimed the security guard had threatened to kill her before she managed to escape into a nearby car. Commenting on the motorist, she said: ‘I swear that man saved my life.’ US Senator John McCain condemned the attack and called on Trump to react. He told MSNBC: ‘We should throw their ambassador the hell out of the United States of America . This kind of thing can not go unresponded to diplomatically. ‘This isn’t Turkey, this isn’t a third world country.’

Several people required treatment following the incident outside the ambassador’s residence

Senator John McCain has called on the Turkish Ambassador to be expelled in response

The Turkish embassy blamed the protesters for the violent scenes outside the residence

Washington Police chief Peter Newsham said 11 people and one police officer had been injured in the violence which took place on ‘Embassy Row’. The Turkish embassy released a statement blaming the Kurdish PKK. ‘The demonstrators began aggressively provoking Turkish-American citizens who had peacefully assembled to greet the president .

The Turkish-Americans responded in self-defense and one of them was seriously injured.’ McCain laid blame directly at the feet of Turkish officials. He said: ‘This is Erdogan’s security detail .

Somebody told them to go out there and beat up on these peaceful demonstrators. I think it should have repercussions, including identifying these people and bringing charges against them . After all they violated American laws.’

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So the world keeps on turning………………

So The World Keeps On Turning..................So here I am on the job hunt. I keep hitting the same walls every time.

6 Years with the British Army.

3 Months Anti poaching in Africa. Ronin HECP course but in the states.

FPOS I Designated Defensive Marksman. Surveillance Blah blah I could go on. So I have some Adhoc work. Few bits for Ronin, few of my own bits I have found and little surveillance work for a investigators firm. But nothing even remotely substantial. Keep getting the same response from all the big companies *minimum 1 – 2 years commercial experience Iraq or Afghan.* Networking like F34King crazy but nothing yet. Now I’m finally swallowing my pride and reaching out to the community to see if anyone could put onto a lead (quietly). Or even go for a beer and pass some contacts on. Lets see if this group can still help each other out.

I had an old username long time ago so not I’m not a total sprog. Constructive comments and PM’s welcome. The grumpy keyboard warriors amongst you…

Cheers all GS

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CPO / SO Vacancies

CPO / SO Vacancies1. Employer Company Name: Strategic Risk Security ltd 2. Company Website : Strategic Risk Solutions 3.

Required Skills/qualifications: SIA CP 4. Job Description: Looking for SIA licensed CP / Security offers required for up coming contracts 5. Salary: Contract dependant 6.

Close Date: On going 7.

Contact Details:

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CPO / SO Vacancies