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Celtic launch urgent review of security and liaise with Scots cops …


The Scottish champions are holding urgent talks with police, Foreign Office officials and UEFA following the coach blast

CELTIC are in talks with police forces at home and abroad after they launched an urgent review of security after the Borussia Dortmund team bus blast. The Champions League-bound club is holding urgent talks with police, Foreign Office officials and UEFA in the wake of the terror attack on the German football giant.

Celtic Launch Urgent Review Of Security And Liaise With Scots Cops ...

The bomb blast hit the team bus as it made its way to a Champions League match and the Glasgow club has vowed to keep fans and players safe. They have made the moves amid fears footballers have become a target.

A letter left at the scene of Tuesday s crime scene warned crusader sports idols and celebs are now on a death list. Clubs across Europe are on high alert after the triple bomb attack on Borussia Dortmund s team bus on Tuesday evening.1


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Celtic head of security Ronnie Hawthorn said: The safety and security of our players, staff and fans is our highest priority.

The club is aware of this week s events in Europe and we are liaising closely with Police Scotland on security matters for home fixtures and foreign police forces as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for future away fixtures.

We are also closely liaising with UEFA on these matters . UEFA risk assess each match individually and act accordingly. The SPFL has also said it is aware of the need for clubs to remains vigilant and said they will stay in close contact with Police Scotland.

Celtic Launch Urgent Review Of Security And Liaise With Scots Cops ...

AP:Associated Press

Police escort Dortmund team coach

A spokesman added: Whilst Scottish football has been free from such incidents, we continue to encourage clubs to give due consideration to reprehensible events like those we saw this week.

Clubs are aware of the need to remain vigilant regarding these activities and to work closely with Police Scotland on player and fan security as a key priority. It has already been revealed Manchester United players will have unprecedented protection for their Eu r opa League quarterfinal clash with Anderlecht in Brussels. Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins also moved to reassure.

He said: Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe and we regularly review policing plans around major events, including sporting fixtures.

We frequently liaise with the Scottish Football Association and clubs to address concerns on a local or national basis.

There is absolutely no intelligence or assessment to suggest Scotland is going to be the target of a terrorist attack, be that at a sporting event or otherwise.

However, there is also no room for complacency and that is why our plans are under constant review.
I would urge the public to remain alert and report any concerns or suspicious activity to the police. Armed police will shadow Manchester United s team bus on Brussels streets2 supported by snipers and helicopters.

Celtic Launch Urgent Review Of Security And Liaise With Scots Cops ...

AP:Associated Press

Cops surround coach

Security services launched the major operation to protect the Red Devils as they flew into the Belgian capital following the bomb attack in Germany on Tuesday. Dortmund s Marc Bartra, 26, was injured by glass and shrapnel in the assault, which saw the game with Monaco rearranged for last night.

Anti-terror investigators were yesterday hunting a car with Belgian registration plates seen near the German team s hotel before the pipe bomb blasts set off by remote control.

Cops have arrested a 25-year-old from Wuppertal not far from Dortmund and the second suspect is a German, 28, from Froenderburg, near Unna, also in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Security: Buenos Aires police deploy technology and ‘citizen control’

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Germany’s cyber security chief on hacking, Russia and problems …

German Government Commissioner for Information Technology Klaus Vitt | German Federal Ministry of the Interior

Klaus Vitt discusses his role protecting Germany from cyber attacks.

By 1

3/20/17, 7:54 PM CET

Updated 3/20/17, 8:10 PM CET

This article is also available in: German2

Read more: Hacked information bomb under Germany s election3

BERLIN Meet the man in charge of protecting Europe s largest country against the ever-changing threat of hacking: the German government s IT commissioner, Klaus Vitt. During an interview with POLITICO at the German Interior Ministry, Vitt described the country s current cyber threat level as increasingly critical, announced plans to cooperate with private companies and explained why his analysts believe most professional hacking attacks on Germany come from Russia or China.

In September, Germany elects a new parliament . Could the vote be manipulated by cyber attacks?

We have analyzed all processes during election day . Wherever we found weak spots, we have introduced measures and taken precautions. In Germany, there are no electronic voting machines or automation .

The vote, therefore, is not that big of a target . However, there s never a security of 100 percent.

You re talking about potential attacks on the IT network on election night . Another issue is cyber attacks that could happen in the run-up to the election . People are concerned that stolen material from hacks could be used to compromise candidates . Do they have a reason to be afraid?

The danger is real . This is why our Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) advises parliamentarians and their groups in the parliament how to protect themselves . It starts with using virus protection software on your private computer but certainly doesn t end there.

Have cyber attacks increased during the last couple of years?

Yes, the threat situation is becoming increasingly critical . We still observe many security breaches in software and hardware, as analyzed in the BSI s annual report on the state of IT security . This in itself is critical . At the same time, however, our society, economy and state are increasingly becoming more digitalized, which also makes them more vulnerable . On top of that, attackers are becoming more professional, and they are using more intelligent malware.

In 2015, a broad-scale cyber attack on the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament, made headlines . What consequences did the government draw from the incident?

The Bundestag is in charge of its own IT security . However, there have been numerous consultations on how the parliament should make its network more secure, and the government took part in them . These recommendations were put into action very consistently . The network and its security components were completely rebuilt from scratch.

Could foreign intelligence services be involved in attacks like the one in 2015?

We are dealing with very professional attackers, that s why only in rare cases can you identify them indisputably . We analyze serious attacks very thoroughly to find out from where they originate . In order to do that, we take patterns from comparable attacks in the past as a reference . Based on such analogies, one can say with a certain probability where those attacks originate from and those analogies suggest that a majority of attacks comes from Russia or China, at least geographically.

How can Germany protect itself?

Attackers want to produce the largest effect possible . That s why they target their attacks primarily against critical infrastructure.

With Germany s IT security law introduced in 2015, we have created legislation that focuses on such infrastructures . On the one hand, it introduces minimum standards for IT security: how operators need to protect themselves against cyber attacks . There are regular checks to make sure they still follow those standards . On the other hand, they are obliged to inform authorities about any critical IT security incidents . If operators are affected, they need to alert the BSI about it, which in turn can analyze it, assess the threat and inform other operators as fast as possible so that they can protect themselves in time. I would like to apply a similar model to other companies which are not operating critical infrastructure and the public administration.

In November 2016, Germany introduced a cyber security strategy: a plan for the country on how to protect itself and how to best react to cyber attacks. What about attacks that have already happened and data that may have been taken?

A cyber attack can have different goals . One aim can be to extract information . If you have no possibility to prevent this, you need to cut off access to the internet . This was one of the measures taken during the cyber attack on the Bundestag . From this moment on, no more information can be extracted. However, in the aftermath, it s difficult to detect where malware could possibly have had access to and which data has been extracted.

What measures are you taking?

To guarantee an appropriate IT security level, we will consolidate the data centers and the networks of the national government and its institutions. Today, we have around 1,000 rooms with servers: large ones, medium-sized ones, small ones . We will centralize them at three or four highly-protected, locations . The same thing will be done with the networks . This is how we will protect the administration with a high standard of IT security.

Another measure is expanding our Cyber Defense Center opened in 2011 . The goal is to always have a clear description of what s happening in cyber space . To do that, we will analyze and assess cyber incidents, with all national security agencies exchanging technical information about the incidents with each other . Needless to say, cyber space is not limited to just Germany. And there s another plan we are pursuing: In Germany, we have large international companies with their own cyber security units, who observe cyber attacks, similarly to what our Cyber Defense Center does .

Four DAX companies have joined forces in the so-called German Cybersecurity Organization (DCSO) cooperation . Our idea is to work with them through exchanging technical information . However, we need a contractual basis for that . This is about highly sensitive data.

When in 2015, a Bundestag subcommittee met to discuss the hacking attack, a BSI official told the MPs that only around 15 employees inside his office had the expertise to analyze and deal with such an attack . This doesn t sound like a lot of people?

The BSI is only one unit in our Cyber Defense Center . We have more experts in the Federal Criminal Police, in the Armed Forces, and in both our domestic and the foreign intelligence agencies.

Talking about personnel: Part of the cyber security strategy is hiring more cyber security experts . How easy or difficult is it to find candidates with the necessary expertise?

There is a great demand for IT security experts . The BSI has hired several people recently . It wasn t easy to fill those positions placing an ad in some newspaper wouldn t be enough .

All those positions could be filled; in the meantime, however, we have new open positions.

How attractive a job is, however, is not only defined by its salary but also by how exciting or dynamic its environment is and by its compatibility with having a family.

The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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