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Trump won’t single out Russia as a security threat but insists that ‘many countries’ qualify in that category

  • President Donald Trump got asked if he considered Russia a ‘security threat’
  • He held a joint press conference with the president of Finland
  • Instead he said he considered ‘many countries’ a threat
  • Russia has been flying spy planes over the Baltic Sea
  • NATO allies have reported concern
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has defended the patrol flights
  • Risk of collision with civilian aircraft feared
  • Continues Trump’s longstanding pattern of not criticizing Russia
  • Russia also backs Bashar al-Assad in Syria and invaded Ukraine in 2014
  • There were new revelations Monday about a now-defunct plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow





President Trump was given an opportunity to call Russia a ‘security threat’ on Monday, but he instead spoke about ‘many countries’ that are a threat. ‘Would you consider Russia as a security threat?’ Trump got asked at a press conference with Finland’s President Sauli Niinist by a Finnish reporter, who reminded the president that Russian planes have been conducting missions over the Baltic Sea using aircraft that didn’t turn their transponders on thereby avoiding tracking by NATO aircraft. Rather than slap Russia for the tactic in a region historically under Russia’s shadow, Trump spoke about generalized unnamed threats.

‘Well, I consider many countries as a security threat, unfortunately, when you look at what’s going on in the world today,’ Trump said. U.S . President Donald Trump holds a joint news conference with Finland President Sauli Niinist at the White House in Washington, U.S., August 28, 2017, where he declined to call Russia a ‘security threat’ The president continued, referencing a recent trip by Vice President Mike Pence to reassure Baltic nations.

‘As you know, a few weeks ago our great vice president, Mike Pence, who is right here, was in the region and spent quite a bit of time there,’ Trump said. ‘We consider that a very, very important part of the world . We have great relationships there . We have a great relationship with Finland,’ a nation that borders Russia. ‘And so I would consider many countries threats, but these are all threats that we’ll be able to handle if we have to . Hopefully we won’t have to handle them .

But if we do, we will handle them,’ Trump said. President Donald Trump turned down an opportunity to call Russia a ‘security threat’ Monday . ussian President Vladimir Putin walks along the Cathedral Square of the Kremlin before a holiday reception marking “Russia Day” in Moscow on June 12, 2017 Then he got asked if the situation in the Baltic were to escalate, what the U.S . would be ready to do. Again, Trump who recently warned North Korea about the ‘fire and fury’ it could face was nonspecific. ‘Well, we are very protective of that region .

That’s all I can say . We are very, very protective . We have great friends there, great relationships there . We are extremely protective,’ Trump said. Trump’s decision not to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin drew frequent comment during the presidential campaign. A U.S . S B-52 bomber over Baltic Sea in Ventspils, Latvia 06 June 2017 .

Russia’s defense ministry informed that Russia scrambled an Su-27 fighter on, 06 June to intercept a US B-52 bomber over the Baltic Sea . The B-52 bomber which was in international airspace but close to the Russian border, was escorted away by the Russian plane

President Trump was asked at a press conference whether Russia was a ‘security threat’

Michael Cohen (R), a former executive vice president of the Trump Organization, wrote Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman about a now-defunct Trump Tower Moscow deal during the presidential campaign

Trump and the Russian government have denied allegations of collusion to influence the election . In May, Trump met with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak at the White House

On Monday, the Washington Post3 reported that Trump Organization attorney Michael Cohen wrote the top spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin seeking ‘assistance’ with a Trump Tower Moscow project, new bombshell documents turned over to Congress reveal. The email is from January 2016, during the presidential campaign, and appears to contradict President Trump’s repeated assurances that he had nothing to do with Russia. ‘Over the past few months I have been working with a company based in Russia regarding the development of a Trump Tower – Moscow project in Moscow City,’ Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen wrote Putin spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

‘Without getting into lengthy specifics . the communication between our two sides has stalled,’ Cohen went on, a person familiar with the email told the Post. ‘As this project is too important, I am hereby requesting your assistance . I respectfully request someone, preferably you, contact me so that I might discuss the specifics as well as arranging meetings with the appropriate individuals . I thank you in advance for your assistance and look forward to hearing from you soon,’ Cohen wrote, in a message that has now been obtained by congressional investigators.

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Manchester United in fresh security alert as YouTube kids break into Old Trafford before Michael Carrick testimonial

Manchester United1 have suffered a fresh security alert after youths broke into Old Trafford on the eve of Michael Carrick’s2 testimonial.

The group of teenagers evaded stadium security and scaled Old Trafford, entering the world famous stadium via the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. The 16-18-year-olds risked their lives walking around the perimeter of the Old Trafford roof and dangling their feet over the edge, before running over the pitch. The group, devotees of Parkour, the urban free-running discipline, even sat in the dug-out, which was later occupied by Carrick, former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson and a host of star names for the 70,000 sell-out testimonial.

The youths, who posted a video of their exploits on YouTube, were eventually chased away from Old Trafford by security in the early hours of June 4, just hours before Carrick’s star-studded testimonial, which drew a net capacity crowd.

The youths run over the Old Trafford pitch The latest breach of security will concern the Red Devils

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The episode is the latest security embarrassment for United, after two foregoing students, who had been on a stadium tour, managed to sleep overnight at Old Trafford in a bid to watch a game against Arsenal the following day, but were foiled when they were discovered by security staff. And on the final day of the 2015-16 season, United’s game against Bournemouth was abandoned following a bomb scare, although it later emerged the device found in a toilet cubicle at Old Trafford was a dummy device left behind following a security training exercise.

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United confirmed the latest episode in a statement today which read: “In the early hours of last Sunday morning, stadium security chased 4 urban climbers off the premises at Old Trafford after they had gained access to the stadium illegally, by scaling the outer works area of the stadium and gaining access to the roof . Such efforts appear to be motivated by a trend for similar actions on social media and followed a successful attempt to climb to the roof of a city centre hotel earlier that day.

“Their stupid and irresponsible actions, especially at such a sensitive time, put last Sunday’s game at risk and occupied both club staff and, more importantly, police officers in hours of work to make sure that the stadium was safe to stage the match.

The video has gone viral on YouTube The youths risked their lives at the stadium Entry was secured by scaling a pipe

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“The response of the police was outstanding . With over 130,000 people coming into the Old Trafford area on Sunday, the last thing they needed was to have their time wasted in this way . But as ever, they conducted a thorough search of the stadium to confirm it was safe to hold the match.

The security of fans attending games at Old Trafford is our highest priority and we work constantly with all local authorities and security contractors and advisors to keep all security measures, systems and protocols under constant review .

The fact that the necessary checks were carried out in time for the game to go ahead is testament to those close relationships.”

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Tight security as voters go to the polls in General Election

Voters go to the polls today amid heightened security in what the National Police Chiefs Council says are “unprecedented times”. Election planners and police reviewed security plans after both the Manchester terror attack two weeks ago, in which 22 people were murdered by a suicide bomber and the London Bridge atrocity last weekend in which eight people were killed. National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) lead for protective security Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi said: “Security around polling stations is constantly being reviewed and updated by local police forces. :: The victims of the London terror attack1

Image: Supt Gavin Williams is in charge of policing the election in Wiltshire

“Plans are in place to make sure that resources are appropriately allocated.”

In Wiltshire, where there are five parliamentary constituencies, the officer in charge of policing the election, Superintendent Gavin Williams, said while there is no intelligence of a threat to the county or the wider region, there will be armed police on patrol throughout polling day and at the counts . He urged voters to remain vigilant, but to go about their business as normal. :: The victims of the Manchester terror attack2

Image: Election security in Wiltshire is constantly under review

The returning officer responsible for overseeing the ballot in the county, Carlton Brand, said he was “not worried” but was liaising regularly with police and that the election day plans were constantly under review. He also stressed that people should get out and vote.

Deputy assistant commissioner D’Orsi from the NPCC said: “The general threat level remains at severe, so we continue to ask the public to be alert and to report any concerns to police.

“We appreciate that these are unprecedented times and together with our partners we continue to keep communities safe.”


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