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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Cane Finds Hilary …

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Cane Finds Hilary - Mystery Figure Hacks Halloween Gala Security System

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers 1for Thursday, October 29, tease that Hilary (Mishael Morgan) will be frazzled as she tries to track down Devon (Bryton James). Cane (Daniel Goddard) will find Hilary in the park and declare that he s going to get her some help.

Unfortunately, Hilary will disappear when Cane turns his back to make the call. Paul (Doug Davidson) will show up with Devon and Lily (Christel Khalil) a short time later.

Devon will think this is all just a stunt Cane pulled to make himself look innocent. Paul will tell Cane that he needs to stay in town.

At the lake house, Neil (Kristoff St. John) will be concerned since Hilary hasn t been seen in 24 hours.

Dr. Neville (Michael E. Knight) will return, but he won t have any real news to report.

They ll try to think about where Hilary might go.

Neil will suggest that Hilary would look for Devon at the athletic club and he ll head over. Once he arrives, Neil will get updates on the Hilary sighting in the park. Neil will question Cane about what happened.

Cane will be puzzled about Neil s belief in his innocence. Neil will assure Cane that he knows he s not the guilty party.

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Cane Finds Hilary - Mystery Figure Hacks Halloween Gala Security System

Other Young and the Restless spoilers say Kevin (Greg Rikaart) will try to help Victor (Eric Braeden) and Jack (Peter Bergman) become a team. At Newman Enterprises, Kevin will insist they need to work together if they expect to stop the Paragon virus.

When the lights flicker, Kevin will head to the electrical room to check things out.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) will notice the flickering as well. They ll be preparing for the Halloween gala at Top of the Tower. Kevin will decide everything seems fine, but later someone all disguised will connect a laptop in the electrical room.

This mysterious figure will also sneak into Victor s office to override the security system on his computer as well as steal an invitation the Halloween Gala!

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Cane Finds Hilary - Mystery Figure Hacks Halloween Gala Security System

At the hospital, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will fill Adam (Justin Hartley) in on the craziness with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Adam will understand why Chloe felt the need to get vengeance. Adam will tell Chelsea that he can t feel his legs, but the doctor will say it s just because of the drugs he received before surgery.

The paralysis is only temporary. Is this the terrorist responsible for the Halloween Gala fire and explosion?2

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Cane Finds Hilary - Mystery Figure Hacks Halloween Gala Security System

When Chelsea leaves the room for a minute, Victor and Jack will stop by to see Adam. Jack will mention that Victor made sure Chelsea could be by Adam s side.

Victor will declare that the sentence was too harsh and this isn t the end. Once Chelsea returns, she ll shoo Jack and Victor out. They ll depart and Adam will suggest that Chelsea should go to the gala.

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Cane Finds Hilary - Mystery Figure Hacks Halloween Gala Security System

Nearby, Gwen (Nadine Nicole) will see Hilary and she ll try to whisk her away.

Emma (Alice Greczyn) will show up and Hilary will wander off again. Dr. Neville will run into Hilary and promptly sedate her.

Y&R rumors hint that Neil will have trouble controlling the eccentric doctor he brought into this mess.

Stick with the CBS soap to see if Neil can stay in control of the situation.

Voice your opinion in the comments below and don t forget to check CDL often for the latest Young and the Restless spoilers, rumors, updates and news.3


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Security in the Ladywell Unit Northern Devon Healthcare NHS …

Baby and child security in the Ladywell Unit1

Leaflet number: 632
Review date: September 2017

Published: September 22nd, 2015 | Tags: 2, 3, 4, 5 | Category: General Information6, Maternity7, Neonatal (Special Care Unit)8, Paediatrics (Children’s Health)9, Patient Information Leaflets10, Services, Wards & Departments11, Ward Information12
Last updated: September 22nd, 2015 |


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Commissioner Challenges Prime Minister On Fair Funding For …

27/08/15 As David Cameron and his family take their annual family holiday in Cornwall, Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg has written to the Prime Minister asking him to ensure fair funding for Devon and Cornwall Police.

Mr Hogg s office further reveals the shocking effects of the Government s proposed police funding formula. His letter highlights the unfairness of the Government s plan which, amongst several other factors, ignores the impact that tourism has on policing.

New research from the OPCC shows that Devon and Cornwall Police would lose an extra 24m under the Government s funding formula plan and this is on top of 29m cuts under the comprehensive spending review (CSR) which will be fully implemented by 2018/19.

The Home Office proposals for police funding allocation are a disaster for Devon and Cornwall. said Mr Hogg

A loss of 24m is the equivalent of losing 500 police officers.

If these proposals are implemented in their current form, on top of the enormous cuts we already face, I believe that policing will be unsustainable across Devon and Cornwall.

The OPCC has now concluded the analysis of the Government s funding formula proposals. The basis on which this appraisal has been carried out has been discussed with Home office officials who have not raised any concerns about its accuracy. However they have refused to release their own calculations about the impact on police forces.

The funding formula is based on the five factors below, and each is disadvantageous to Devon and Cornwall:

Population no account is taken of the tourist numbers that visit Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The population increases by 21% over the summer months which leads to higher crime rates and more road accidents. This is totally ignored by the formula

Council tax base the OPCC believes this factor has no clear rationale. The Home Office argue that the ability to raise money through the police precept should be taken into account but this measure simply disadvantages every large force regardless of their council tax base.

Bar density although Devon and Cornwall has 3.8% of all licensed bars in England and Wales (excluding London) the formula would only provide 1.08% of the available money for this measure.

This is because the proposed formula divides the number of bars by hectares so Devon and Cornwall is penalised for being geographically large. The unfairness of using hectares becomes clear when comparing how the proposed formula treats West Yorkshire which has a similar number of bars than Devon and Cornwall but gets five times more funding ( 24m extra) because of its smaller geographic area.

Deprivation measures the proposed formula uses two different measures for deprivation it assumes on the basis that crime is more likely to occur in those areas of deprivation. Both measures disadvantage Devon and Cornwall.

They use a limited set of indicators which are most likely to occur in urban areas and ignore key factors such as average income and lack of employment. They also duplicate each other, meaning the impact is twice as hard

We are already disadvantaged by the current funding formula and yet these proposals make it even worse. said Tony Hogg

It is now time for everyone to make their voice heard.

Our MPs need to be lobbying the PM, the Home Secretary and the Policing Minister. The proposed formula is ill conceived. It disadvantages large rural forces such as Devon and Cornwall without taking any account of the challenges it faces to police this large and busy area.

Mr Hogg is highlighting the work that his office has done to other disadvantaged forces.

Although my focus is on Devon and Cornwall, I am working with other PCCs who are similarly disadvantaged to make sure ministers are under no illusion about just how devastating this will be.

My office is now receiving daily requests from other police forces and PCC offices for details of our analysis.

Interestingly the Prime Minister and Home Secretary s force area, Thames Valley, is even more badly affected than Devon and Cornwall.