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End Date: Thursday Sep-21-2017 17:47:09 BST
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Man in court after assaulting security guards at NASS Festival

A man who became involved in a struggle with two security guards at a Shepton Mallet 1festival after being found without a wristband pass ended up assaulting them both. Ceri Williams was seen by the two members of staff at the NASS festival at the Bath and West Showground trying to enter one of the gates without wearing a security wristband. He had been drinking and taking cocaine, LDS, ecstasy and cannabis and then became abusive and ran away but was chased and taken to the ground.

While lashing about, the defendant then struck one of the security officers on the head and spat at another one, Somerset Magistrates were told.

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Williams, 29, of Glynderi, Glanaman, Camarthenshire, pleaded guilty to assaulting Malcolm Dingle and Oliver Dann by beating them on July 8 when he appeared before the court at Yeovil. Prosecutor Julyan Stephens said that the two victims were working as security guards at the National Action Sports Show at the Bath and West Showground and attendees needed to wear a wristband to gain entry.

Williams was seen trying to get into Gate 6 without wearing a wristband and accepted he was intoxicated and then became aggressive asking them what they were doing, he said.

He then ran away and the guards pursued him and took him to the ground with some force but he continued to struggle.

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He was told to calm down but was upset and whilst flailing his arms he connected with the temple of Mr Dann causing him to fall to the floor.

The defendant continued to struggle and other security staff arrived and some spittle landed on Mr Dingle s hand. When Williams was interviewed by police he said he went to the festival and paid 187 to get in and had been given a wristband but could not remember what happened to it.

He said he had taken some cannabis, ecstasy, LSD, cocaine and alcohol and only remembered being held on the floor and he was struggling to try and get them off of him as he couldn t breathe. Defending solicitor Sue Cameron said that Williams said that after being taken to the ground Williams was being restrained face down and in pain when he recklessly assaulted the two men.

He recklessly spat at one of them as he was shaking his head and spit just happened to land on his hand, she said.

He did not deliberately punch the other guard but was flailing his arms around and accepts he may have connected with his head.

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She said that the defendant only used drugs recreationally at places such as festivals, and drugs and alcohol were freely available at this event despite security being in place to prevent it.

There is no dispute that he had taken drugs and alcohol and no doubt that this had an impact on the way he behaved, however he says he did purchase a wristband and did not know how it came off, she said.

However he does concede that because he was not wearing a wristband, that is why the incident occurred. She said Williams was remorseful and wanted to apologise for taking up the time of the police, he courts and the security staff.

The magistrates fined the defendant 80 for each offence of assault and ordered him to pay 50 compensation to both of them .

Costs of 85 and a 30 victim surcharge were also imposed.


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Criminology student shouted racist abuse at McDonald’s security on only night he has got drunk

A city student must pay 50 compensation to a McDonald’s security guard for shouting racist abuse at him.

Magistrates1 imposed the order on Jouffrey Onkani after hearing that he caused problems on the only night he had ever got drunk. He had denied racially aggravated disorderly conduct2 at the Angel Row restaurant at 3.50am on May 4 . But he was found guilty after a trial and was ordered to do 60 hours unpaid work. Anna Pierrepont, prosecuting, said Onkani entered the premises carrying a bottle and was challenged by security staff because this was in breach of a “no glass” policy.

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Onkani, 21, made a racist comment and left the guard “clearly concerned for his safety” . When Onkani swung round, a guard ducked out of the way and another security officer grabbed the bottle. When the guard was asked about the effect of the racist abuse aimed at him, he excused Onkani, who is a criminology student at Nottingham Trent University3. Miss Pierrepont added: “He said that he did not consider it to be a hate incident but a drunken one, rather than racial.”

Jameel Malik, defending, said Onkani had never tried alcohol until that night and was ashamed at the episode.

“He didn’t feel drunk and did not think it had any effect on him .

It was in the fresh air where he started to feel he was drunk.

“He had never been drunk before and this incident was fuelled with alcohol,” said Mr Malik . Onkani’s home address was given as Aldgate Grove, Birmingham.

“When shown the CCTV, he put his head in his hands and was very remorseful,” said Mr Malik . He told the court that Onkani is a role model to his younger sisters and has just passed his second year examinations.

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He said that Onkani called a white security man “fat” and said the police were “racist” when they arrived. Mr Malik added: “This is not a hate crime, not aggravated by racism . He didn’t target the security guards because they were black.

“This incident is a blip, out of character .

He had never been drunk before, he is ashamed and embarrassed and stands in front of you with his liberty at risk.”

Presiding magistrate Kathryn Allsop told Onkani: “Just a warning – please don’t get drunk again.” He was ordered to pay 200 prosecution costs.


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JLR heist gang brazenly passed through security before incredible 3m engine theft

A gang brazenly swept past security before stealing around 3 MILLION of engines from Jaguar Land Rover s Solihull1 plant.

Sources say that the crooks used a suspected stolen HGV lorry in the audacious heist – which took place in full view of security cameras at the Lode Lane plant. The gang unloaded the 40-tonne truck in Coventry – and police have launched an urgent investigation.

Jaguar Land Rover2 has posted a reward to catch the crooks who stole engines initially understood to be worth around 3 million. One source said: How they got the lorry in and out so quickly is quite some story.

We heard the lorry came in at 10.30pm on Tuesday through gates at D1 then drove to the Lagoons depot.

We were told a trailer was attached and was full of new engines . That lorry was in and out of the plant in six minutes.

Later that night the same lorry came back and did it all over again . It attached another wagon and then it drove out past the security guards and that wagon was not seen again all night .

But we have heard that the driver had the yellow documents he needed so he could show the security guards on the way out, without having to be searched.

He could already of had them on him when he entered the plant, or perhaps he got them when in there.

JLR site in Lode Lane Solihull

The engines that are gone are dealt with by Land Rover employees, they are usually stored in a building . The ones that have ben taken were already in trailers . Either they were due to go somewhere or were due to be moved somewhere on site.”

The source added: If that is true, then the wagons must have been full . About 40 engines can fit in a wagon . The heist had been kept under wraps . We believe that only senior security staff and management have known about it, they are shocked at how it has happened . The company pulled in all the managers to a meeting to find out what had gone wrong.

“The ordinary workers probably knew nothing about it.

The site is clearly not as secure as it should be.

Insiders say the stolen lorry arrived at the Lode Lane depot at 10.30pm on Tuesday and entered through the security-manned D1 gate. The HGV then drove to the Lagoons depot and hooked up to a trailer containing the car engines, before driving out . The crime took just six minutes, say sources. A source said: It is a massive thing for the company . They have never lost this quantity of stock of this value before and they have their own security people as well as paying a security company, Mitie, to watch over site as well.

We don t think they have ever had anything this big or expensive taken .

We heard something massive had happened and it was not the little stuff, but the big stuff that had gone.

West Midlands Police is due to issue a statement shortly.


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