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Inmate escaped maximum security prison using wirecutters and …

An inmate used wirecutters and a mobile phone likely delivered by a drone to escape from a maximum security prison1 , authorities said.

Jimmy Causey, 46, escaped2 from the Lieber Correctional Institution in Ridgeville, South Carolina, on Tuesday.

He went on the run for three days before he was captured in Texas on Friday with guns and more than $47,000 in cash. Causey appeared to have coordinated the breakout using the smuggled mobile phone and then used the tools to cut through fences, state Department of Corrections Director Bryan Stirling said. The inmate, who is serving a life sentence for kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges, also left a makeshift dummy in his bed to deceive prison guards in the Alcatraz-style escape bid.

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Jimmy Causey escaped and went on the run for three days

“We believe that a drone was used to fly in the tools that allowed him to escape,” Stirling said at a news conference.

Texas Rangers captured the inmate at an Austin, Texas, motel early on Friday. He had a handgun, a shotgun, ammunition, four cell phones and more than $47,000 in cash, state Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel said. It was Causey’s second prison escape .

In 2005, he and a fellow inmate escaped from another prison and were captured days later, Columbia television station WIS reported. Deliveries of contraband to prisons by drones have become increasingly common as the unmanned aircraft grow more popular.

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Authorities believe a drone was used to deliver tools to help the inmate escape

A Maryland inmate was convicted in 2016 of trying to smuggle drugs into a prison using an unmanned aircraft. In 2015, a drone dropped illicit drugs and tobacco into an Ohio prison’s exercise yard, sparking a fight.

In Britain, police recovered two drones carrying cell phones and drugs near a London prison last year and have set up a special unit – Operation Airborne – to catch offenders trying to fly contraband into jail.

Stirling said he and prison officials from around the United States have repeatedly asked federal authorities to allow state agencies to block cell phone transmissions from prisons.


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Kromek’s DS3-ID security devices used on Trump’s visit to Brussels

Kromek Group PLC1 (LON:KMK2) has picked up some useful publicity with the news its radiation technology has been used at high profile political events.

Kromek s next generation standalone radiation detector, D3S-ID, was deployed by the European Commission s Counter Terrorism Unit of Directorate General for Home Affairs in Brussels.

The D3S-ID was part of security operations deployed during the NATO Security Summit and the US President, Donald Trump’s visit to Brussels last month, Kromek revealed.

Kromek was informed that the deployment was successful and its radiation detection systems performed well and met the desired high standards for accuracy and efficiency.

“We were pleased that the deployment was successful and that our detectors achieved the necessary high standards .

We look forward to continuing our work with the European Commission, DARPA and other national law enforcement agencies to deploy our best-of-breed radiation detectors to protect people and property,” said Dr Arnab Basu, chief executive officer of Kromek.

READ Kromek predicts ‘step-change’ in revenue growth as demand for detectors builds3


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China cyber-security law will keep citizens’ data within the Great Firewall

China’s new cyber-security laws, which come into effect on Thursday, may make it harder for foreign businesses to trade in the country. Under the regulations1, data on Chinese citizens including personal information, salary details and more can only be kept within China . The law would also prevent the transmission of any economic, scientific or technological data overseas on either national security or public interest grounds, as defined by the Chinese government. The rules apply to any “network operator” a term that encompasses social media companies and large internet firms and mean that they need users’ permission before transferring any data on them outside the country . The consequences for businesses that fail to comply with this new law are dire: a refused or revoked licence can never be reversed .

This means if companies that fail to comply with the so-called Bei’an licence laws2 are liable to get blacklisted. Bill Hagestad, a former US Marine Corps lieutenant colonel turned cyber conflict author and researcher, told El Reg that the new rules reflect heightened concern in Beijing about foreign influence mediated through the internet.

“The new Chinese internet security law is designed to protect the cyber borders of China against foreign negative influences,” Hagestad said. “It is also designed to ensure the Communist Party ideals are not directly or indirectly challenged by impure thoughts.

“Given the release of the Shadow Brokers’ NSA tools, the Chinese are now more certain than ever before that any foreign technology brought into the Middle Kingdom must be inspected and deemed pure/free from any vulnerabilities that could challenge China’s internet security.”

Alex Nam, EMEA managing director of content delivery network CDNetworks, warned that foreign internet companies will now find it harder to trade in China.

“The new cybersecurity law on 1 June will make it harder for non-Chinese businesses to trade in the country,” Nam said. “All businesses that host websites and web content (such as applications) in China will be affected . Yet many don’t know what impact the law has on them or whether their business is in jeopardy.

“Thousands of government officials, as well as intelligent algorithms, are currently investigating whether non-Chinese companies meet all of the requirements of the new legislation . The new law has a huge impact on network operators and critical information infrastructure operators because they host websites in China on behalf of other companies . As a result, checks are being carried out to determine whether hosting providers and content delivery network (CDN) providers have the necessary licences, and are being asked by government officials to make the necessary changes in the shortest possible time.”

CDNetworks says it’s seeing “uncertainty from companies as to whether they are affected by the legislation”.

“Without support and guidance, UK businesses are putting themselves at risk,” Nam added. “Especially the UK businesses operating in China, who are completely unaware that this new law even impacts them.”

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