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Glastonbury Festival security guard reveals how life has changed since dancing with Katy Perry

When one of his colleagues needed to answer a call of nature, Glastonbury Festival1 security guard number 188 stepped in to the breach. Little did Darren Astall from Yeovil2 know, this decision was about to put him at the centre of one of this year’s most memorable moments from Worthy Farm. Darren was working as part of the Specialized Security team over the weekend when he found himself policing the crowd from the side of the Pyramid Stage as American superstar singer Katy Perry3 belted out a selection of her hits.

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What next for Glastonbury beyond 2018?

As she came to the climax of Chained to the Rhythm, Katy decided to explore the extremities of the stage and that’s when Darren gained global attention. As he watched over the crowd, he turned to find himself face-to-face with a dancing Katy and he immediately busted out some moves with her. Instantly, he became a global star and Somerset Live caught up with Darren to see how the last 48 hours have changed his life.

At first, Darren thought that it might not have been noticed but that was wishful thinking . He explained: “The ones in the pit the area at the front of the stage is called the pit, those guys were all facing forwards . Some of the girls at the other end of the stage out the corner of the eye could see what had happened and they were nudging one another.

“Once the set had ended, there was about a fifteen minute delay until I could get off the stage and get round the back . At this point everyone took one look at me and started to laugh and wiggling their backsides at me . There was quite a few jealous people that s for sure.”

Katy goes for a stroll stage right

Despite showing that he was a natural mover, Darren is expecting to be invited to be a dancer on Katy Perry’s next tour . He joked: “Let s just say that I m not holding my breath for a phone call, that s for sure.

“I was showing her a bit of Somerset hospitality, what we ve got to offer here.”

It seemed that Katy liked what she saw . With 1.4 million views of her Instagram video of the moment, she declared it her favourite moment,writing: “Nothing says a genuine good time like when security busts a move with u on the fly (sic)”.

Darren shows Katy he they dance in Somerset

Being a dancing security guard is not Darren’s day job, as he is actually a civil servant in Bristol . He explains how he ended up on the security staff of major music festivals.

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He said: “A mate got me involved with the company, Specialized Security, six years ago and said do you fancy coming along as they re looking for volunteers, they ll pay for your food.

“I thought, yeah why not, let s go for it . I started off doing Reading Festival and so far this year I ve done Download Festival, which was a couple weeks ago . They re one of the big players in the event stewarding market.”

That’s not how you do it, this is how you do it

So, how long was it before Darren had realised that he had caused a sensation across the world ? It would seem there was a delay due to the lack of mobile signal on site. He continued: “It happened on Saturday but there s no signal because you’ve got a couple hundred thousand people there, so the phone wasn t going off or anything.

“When I got to the end of the shift, I turned the data back on, at which point there were text messages, Facebook notifications and everything else and there s been a steady stream coming though ever since Saturday afternoon really.

“It became one of the iconic images of the festival, me doing the dance.”

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Darren said that it was all “a little bit awe inspiring” but it didn’t stop there though . With a taste for showing the world what he can do, Darren was part of the security crew that pulled out their best John Travolta moves for Stayin’ Alive during Barry Gibb’s legends set. Darren revealed: “Luckily for me I wasn t on the camera for that one because they would have seen how badly I could ve danced . I was in the same spot at the side of the stage but the camera didn t pan on me, luckily enough.”

The Pyramid Stage crowd loved it when the security danced as one and while it seemed a smooth piece of choreography, it was actually a last minute decision.

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“Literally it was Saturday afternoon when we found out that we were going to have to do it . We didn t start learning it until Sunday morning first thing, as our shift started at ten o clock and took every chance in the breaks we had to try and learn the dance.

“As you can imagine, most of us were like oh my god, how are we going to do this ? We thought there’s be no drinking on Saturday night as this was going to get more difficult and we would have no chance of getting through this.”

Perform it they did though and it raised one of the biggest cheers of the afternoon when it appeared on the big screens behind Barry Gibb.

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BBC Radio 2 breakfast show host Chris Evans, hailed Darren as his new hero because he seemed to “go with the flow” and there has been attention from the other side of the world, as his encounter with Katy reached Australia and the United States. Darren admitted: “I m not sure I am a global phenomenon but I definitely created a talking point.”

That’s probably the understatement of the festival and one that he will probably speaking about for a number of years to come . Well, at least until 2019, when he might light up the next Glastonbury Festival4 with more impromptu body shapes.


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Microsoft: We’ll beef up security, admin tools in Windows 10 Creators Edition Fall Update

The next big update to Windows 10 Creators Edition is out in the Fall1 and Redmond is hyping up its security chops and admin tools. For a start, we’re told Windows Defender will be extended from client to Microsoft’s server operating systems . In addition, Redmond is adding Windows Defender Exploit Guard and Application Guard to the security suite and updating its Device Guard and Defender Antivirus software. Exploit Guard is basically Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) security software reworked for the new operating system . Last year Microsoft was forecasting the death of EMET, but now it appears it has listened to advice from its users2 and security experts3 that the code should be retained.

“We love EMET so much we built it fully into Windows 10,” Rob Lefferts, director of the Windows and Devices Group, told The Register. “Everything you could do with EMET you can do with Exploit Guard.”

Exploit Guard will come with new rules designed to detect unauthorized system access, and will take advice from Microsoft’s security center in real time . Redmond even says it will protect against zero day exploits. Application Guard is designed to work with the browser to detect whether local users have downloaded or installed code that they shouldn’t . The new code will lock any infection onto a local machine to stop it spreading, and notify the security team that something has gone seriously amiss.

Device Guard is getting an upgrade and uses whitelisting to keep dodgy software off PCs . Lefferts said that Microsoft is working with developers to constantly update the whitelists and ensure that legitimate code will run without a problem. On the pure antivirus side, IT admins running Defender will get a new security analytics screen that will use data from all Microsoft customers to advise on potential or incoming threats . APIs will also be released so third-party app vendors can use the same information to secure their apps.

Autopilot for Admins

Also new in the update is a suite called Windows Autopilot, which is a set of custom tools for IT admins designed to make their lives easier. In addition to the new security features, Microsoft is augmenting the Autopilot computer setup program that works with Azure and Intune to configure enterprise PC farms . A new Autopilot Reset function lets admins wipe a PC for example if someone leaves the company without wiping out all the settings, just the non-essential local content. Redmond will also begin putting out updates for its mobile device management suite to allow better integration with Windows 10 . The tools will now give regular update progress reports to IT controllers and will add support for Active Directory domain-joined devices .

There’s also support for configuring and locking down kiosks running Windows. A new update to the Windows Analytics package include a category known as Device Health . This scans the PCs on a network, noting bad configurations or missing updates and alerting staff.

Sponsored: How Artificial Intelligence Will Secure the 21st Century4


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