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Robot security guard ‘commits suicide’ by drowning itself in public fountain

A robot security guard has “committed suicide” by drowning itself a public fountain after just a few days on the job. The Knightscope K5 robot1, which bears a striking resemblance to a Dalek, had been brought in to patrol the area outside the Georgetown Waterfront shopping centre and office complex in Washington DC. It was found face-down in the fountain on Monday afternoon, after apparently tumbling down some steps into the water.

The K5 robot stands about 5 feet tall, weighs 300lbs (over 21 stone), and has a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour – although it usually moves at 1 to 3 miles per hour. Knightscope claims the security robot is better than a human guard, because it never gets bored of its job. It is equipped with a range of sensors – including a 360-degree camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder and radar – which are supposed to enable it to move around autonomously.

It is designed to prevent crime by detecting abnormal noises and temperature changes, scanning car number plates and checking them against a police database, and using facial recognition technology to spot known criminals. If it detects any security threats, it can squeak, whistle and make other loud noises intended to scare off criminals, as well as alerting the local authorities. In a statement to the Washington Post2, Knightscope described the fountain incident was “an isolated event”, and promised to deliver a new robot this week for free.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped scores of observers sharing pictures of the drowned robot on social media, and casting their own aspersions about why it decided to end its life. This is not the first controversy involving the Knightscope K5 robot.

Earlier this year, police in California arrested a man after he drunkenly attacked one of the robots3 and knocked it over outside Knightscope’s own headquarters in Silicon Valley. The assailant, 41-year-old engineer Jason Sylvain, said that he wanted to “test” the security robot .

He was arrested for prowling and public intoxication.


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Jeremy Kyle viewers fall in love with security guard Steve after he’s asked a question about his sex life

Jeremy Kyle viewers have fallen in love with his security guard Steve thanks to his amazing response to a question about his sex life. His answer proved what a true gentleman he is, but Jeremy didn’t seem as impressed as the tonnes of viewers backing Steve on social media. David was on the show for lie detector results after admitting he was forced to watch cartoons because his fianc e thought he was cheating on her.

The guest, who has been with partner Chelsea for two-and-a-half years, confessed that they didn’t have sex with each other for a year, despite getting engaged just six months into their relationship.

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Jeremy was shocked at his guest’s sex revelation He needed to get a second opinion Obviously Steve was on hand to help out

Jeremy was stunned by this revelation so decided to get the opinions of some of the other men in the studio. He asked: “Steve would you stay with a woman if she didn’t have sex with you for a year?”

Running over to the security guard he shouted: “Would you stay with a woman if she didn t put out for a year?”

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Steve was asked a theoretical question

Steve simply answered “yeah” before adding: “If you love her.”

Women around the country were standing up and applauding the lovable beefcake from their sofas at home. But Jeremy was not happy with the answer and got the camera to follow him behind the scenes to cameraman Kyle.

Chelsea didn’t sleep with her partner for a whole year

The host said: “I’ve been waiting to do this for years, you’re going a slightly red colour, would you stay with a woman who wouldn’t put out for a year?

Kyle the camera man said: “Not a chance.”

It turned out David was telling the truth and the couple left hand in hand.

Steve is every woman’s dream

Jeremy Kyle viewers took to Twitter to back Steve.

One viewer said: “And that’s why Steve’s my kind of guy! #jeremykyle1

Another added: “of course he would Jez, there’s more to life than sex #jeremykyle2

A third said: ” #jeremykyle3 I love Steve”

* Jeremy Kyle airs weekdays on ITV at 9.25am


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Emergency changes made to MPs’ IT system after ‘cyber security’ alert

Emergency changes were being made to MPs’ IT system yesterday after a “cyber security incident”. A high-importance email was sent out by Parliamentary officials warning MPs to remain extra vigilant and look out for suspicious emails or activity . The email, sent just after lunchtime, said: “We are currently investigating a cyber security incident.

“We are going to be making some emergency changes to the IT network which may cause some disruption.”

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The email was sent hours after reports that British politicians’ passwords had been traded by Russian hackers.

The Times reported that 1,000 Parliamentary workers’ logins were traded

The Times claimed 1,000 MPs and parliamentary staff, 7,000 police employees and more than 1,000 Foreign Office staff were in the troves sold or swapped on Russian-speaking hacking sites. Cabinet ministers including Education Secretary Justine Greening and Business Secretary Greg Clark were said to be among the haul. However, a House of Commons spokesman would not confirm whether or not the probe was related to The Times’ report.

Officials also declined to say how many email accounts were affected, when the incident occurred or what it was. The spokesman said: The Houses of Parliament are currently investigating a cyber security incident.

“Like all responsible organisations we have to respond to constantly evolving threats . We have systems in place to protect member and staff accounts and to prevent unauthorised access to information .

We are working to investigate the incident and will be taking the necessary steps to protect our systems.