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Grizz the airport security dog shot after escape

An airport security dog has been shot dead by police in New Zealand after it escaped from its handler, causing flight delays. Grizz, a trainee explosives detector dog, was being loaded into a van by his handler in the public area at Auckland Airport at around 4.30am on Friday local time. It is not clear what spooked the 10-month-old bearded collie/German short haired pointer cross but he ran off and managed to get into the airport’s secure area when a gate opened to let a truck through. Aviation Security Service (Avsec) spokesman Mike Richards told Sky News that off duty dog handlers were called in to help search for Grizz.

“The fact that the incident took place very early in the morning did not help as it was pitch black for the first two hours and he could not be found,” he said. Grizz had been six months away from graduating but he did not have a permanent handler, which meant he was “less responsive” to those searching for him. Mr Richards added: “When he was located he would not let anyone near him and kept sprinting across the runways.

“We tried everything – food, toys, other dogs, but nothing would work. “The area is too vast and too open to try and use mobile fencing.” Meanwhile, 16 flights were delayed. Auckland Airport decided to have police shoot Grizz, according to Inspector Tracy Phillips of Counties and Manukau District Police.

She added: “This is not an outcome which anyone wanted, and police were only asked to be involved as a last resort.” Airport spokeswoman Lisa Mulitalo told the New Zealand Herald: “The dog was clearly distressed and wouldn’t let anyone near it so the decision was made to shoot the dog.” Mr Richards said that Grizz’s handler at the time and his colleagues were “naturally quite shaken but understand the reasons for the decision”.

Each dog like Grizz costs $100,000 ( 56,500) to train, he added. Among those who criticised the decision to shoot Grizz was popular TVNZ breakfast show host Hilary Barry, who said: “They’ve got to have tranquiliser guns, surely. “They shot the dog dead.

“I don’t care if your plane is delayed, they don’t need to shoot the dog.”

New Zealand news websites also ran polls which showed that the majority of those voting thought Grizz should not have been killed.

Moment thief tackles security guard to ground before fleeing with 3000 cash box

This was the moment a thief tackled a security guard to the ground before grabbing his cash box and fleeing on the back of a motorbike. Officers from the Met s flying squad are appealing for information in relation to the robbery, which took place in Peckham1 in broad daylight. CCTV footage shows one of the suspects, clad in high-vis clothing, stealthily approach the security guard on foot in Peckham Rye.

He suddenly dives and smashes him to the floor before grabbing the cash box containing around 3,000 – and sprinting away. The two suspects escaped on a stolen motorbike (Met police)

The second suspect can then be seen driving a motorbike out of a side road . His accomplice, cash box in hand, leaps on the back and together they drive off.

Police said the motorbike was later found nearby in Stanswood Gardens . It turned out to be stolen. The CCTV footage was played on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme on 6 March, as detectives appealed for anyone who recognised either of the suspects or with information to contact them.

The robbery took place at around 11.50am on Friday 19 May last year.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Moment Thief Tackles Security Guard To Ground Before Fleeing With  3000 Cash BoxReuse content2


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Security researcher breaks Google ReCaptcha with Google tools

Security Researcher Breaks Google ReCaptcha With Google Tools

Security research has cracked the captcha conundrum nightmare

A SECURITY RESEARCHER HAS EARNED HIS MONEY this week by poking a fat hole into the Google Captcha system by turning Google on itself.

The attack is simple, but that doesn’t mean that it is not capable . In very short terms, it takes the audio Captcha challenge from Google, runs it through Google’s voice recognition technology and throws it back as a response.

A teaser on GitHub introduces us to the easy logic vulnerability attack1, while a more detailed blog on the East-Ee Security site provides the necessary information . There we learn that some human interaction is involved because it is necessary to select the audio ReCaptcha option.

ReBreakCaptcha knows how to solve ReCaptcha v2 audio challenges . Therefore, we need a methodology of how to get an audio challenge every time2 . What is our goal ? To bypass the ReCaptcha . Can we do this ? Yes . How ?

Google Speech Recognition API!,” says our anonymous poster. Google helps out by offering the challenged user the chance to download the audio file challenge . This makes the crack much easier.

“Now comes the fun part, taking advantage of one Google’s service to beat another Google’s service ! Let’s download the audio file and send it to Google Speech Recognition API,” adds the blog.

“Now we have the audio challenge file and are ready to send it to Google Speech Recognition . How can this be done ? Using their API.

“Before doing so, we will convert it to a wav’ format which is requested by Google’s Speech Recognition PI.”

So what we have here is something of a dog bites dog incident . Except someone has incited the dog to bite itself and got a python involved .

The research used a Python library named SpeechRecognition and got nothing but positive results.

“We will use this library implementation of Google Speech Recognition API . We will send the wav’ audio file and the Speech Recognition will send us back the result in a string (e.g .

25143′) . This result will be the solution to our audio challenge,” adds the blog.

“The verification stage is fairly short . All we need to do now is to copy-paste the output string from Stage 2 into the text box and click Verify’ on the ReCaptcha widget . That’s right, we now semi-automatically used Google’s Services to bypass another service of its own.”

A proof of concept is posted on GitHub.


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