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Robbers flee with 15k after attacking security guard

BRUTAL robbers knocked a security guard to the ground and stole 15,000 he was carrying. The security guard, aged 44, had collected the money from the post office in College Road, Handsworth1 and was walking back to his van when he was knocked to the ground by two men. They wrestled the cash box, which contained around 15,000, from his grip before jumping into a waiting Audi A4 estate which sped away.

The getaway Audi was shortly found in Woodend in Handsworth Wood. It had been driven on stolen number plates. The incident happened just before 9am on Wednesday, August 16.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the theft to contact them.

A West Midlands Police2 spokeswoman said: A security driver had collected money from the post office in College Road and was walking back to his van when he was attacked.

Two offenders knocked him to the floor and wrestled the cash box, containing around 15,000, from his grip, then jumped into a silver Audi A4 estate which sped away from the scene.

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Watched armed robber who held up six stores and banks

Traces on the Audi reveal it was using stolen number plates It was found shortly after in Woodend, Handsworth Wood.

You may have information which could help police

Anyone with information should contact Det Sgt Nicki Addison, or one of her team from Force CID team on 101.


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Manchester United introduce new security measures following terror attacks

Manchester United1 fans are being advised to get to Old Trafford2 at least an hour before kick-off as part of new security measures.

The club have been reviewing their security procedures with Greater Manchester Police following terror attacks in Manchester, London and Paris in recent months. United have emailed season ticket holders with details of the new measures; there will now be enhanced searches of fans at turnstiles which ‘may take longer and as a result it is likely that queues will also be longer’. The size of bags allowed will also be reduced.

Supporters are being advised not to bring a bag larger than a small handbag (20cm x 15cm x 5cm) with them or they will have to leave it in a bag drop zone.

‘All bags will be searched and items larger than the size criteria must be left at one of the bag drop facilities, which are located near the ticket office and in E2 car park,’ an email sent on Friday read.

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‘Bringing a bag will further delay your entry to the stadium (and will delay your departure after the game if you have to use a bag drop) and we therefore encourage you not to bring any bags or prohibited items to the stadium (if you have to bring a bag, we recommend you arrive at least two hours before kick-off).

‘Please do not be alarmed by the extra security measures (which will be in place for every match from now on), they are to ensure your time at Old Trafford is as safe as possible.’

The club also reminded season ticket holders that major roadworks on key roads surrounding the stadium have begun and will last for three years.

‘This will increase your journey time to and from the stadium if you travel by car and could impact your route and street parking,’ the memo added. As always, turnstiles will still open two hours before-kick off . For more details, visit

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‘He used legitimate force’: Readers react to pregnant woman and security guard fight

Shocking footage of a violent clash between a pregnant shoplifter and security guard has divided the internet. The two minute video showed a New Look store detective struggling to restrain shoplifter Katie Adams outside the retailer’s Bullring branch. Dozens of social media users shared their thoughts on the scuffle on the Birmingham Mail’s Facebook page.

Adams, of Wordsworth Road, Small Heath, received a six-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, after pleading guilty to the two offences when she appeared at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

She was also ordered not to enter Birmingham city centre or the inner ring road1 for 12 months, except to attend court and probation appointments. New Look has told the Mail that they have suspended the store detective pending a full investigation.

Husband stands by paedophile wife who showered teen with gifts before sexually abusing him2

A New Look spokesperson said: We are deeply shocked by the contents of this video.

The behaviour of the store detective involved is unacceptable and he has been suspended while an investigation is carried out by our security supplier, Lodge Security.

We expect anyone who works for us either as an employee or through a supplier to act professionally and treat people with respect at all times.

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There was a clear divide between those who thought the security guard was too heavy handed with Adams and others who felt the pregnant woman should have been dealt with in a gentler manner. Here are the best of your reactions.

Rachael Handley: Stealing is obviously wrong – but pregnant or not – this security guard was wrong to man handle her like he did . Obviously on some kind of power trip – I believe it’s called little man syndrome.

Beccy Kimberley: Am I right in saying I’ve watched both recordings this one and a previous one and I didn’t see once a kick between the legs ? If your going to rob that’s fine, but if you go to rob when your pregnant you know the consequences simple as!

Mazza Mc: Why is the security guard acting as if it’s his property she stole, and I thought once out the store it’s a police matter in either case she shouldn’t be stealing and he should have be professional enough to let her go once things got nasty in time she would have tried to steal again and been caught.

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Iris Pratt: Men security guards are supposed to handle women in a different manner than they would a man yes she did wrong but she is pregnant and shouldn’t have been treated like that.

Davina Louise: Yet I know someone who seen the whole thing and he has said she attacked the security officer so he was defending himself .

She clearly has no respect for her unborn baby if she’s willing to fight while pregnant . She was only in court last Wednesday was it and she’s caught in the city centre where she’s banned she knew what she was doing & clearly doesn’t care for her unborn baby . The man has a right to defend himself end of.

Jasmine Jasie: At no point is it ok to throw a pregnant woman on the floor then turn her on her side and rest your knee on her stomach ! NEVER ! The security guard was outta control sweating and going on all aggressive with the crowd.

Dee RiRi Wheeler: Total disregard for her unborn baby . Feel for the guard only doing his job he must have felt awful, no excuse for theft . I’ve had hard times – that’s what spam, beans and bread are for.

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Kerry Davina Hitchins: Can’t sit here and blame the security guard, pregnant and stealing from a clothing shop for HER and then assaulting a security guard . If she wasn’t putting up such a fight he wouldn’t have had to hold her with force . You can clearly see once he knows she’s pregnant he stops her from hitting the floor .

She’s a roughen clearly and most definitely no respect for her unborn baby ! Disgusting ! And let’s not forget she pleaded guilty!

Chanel Kema Boomer: If you see the video you can clearly see the security guard kicked her and she’s pregnant . What about if she lost her child – god bless she don’t . That’s so wrong

Gareth Yorke: Been there had that happen to me . Got to remember that guard answers to 3 different people and has to try and please them all . Could it have been handled better ? Yes . But as it is not me at that exact moment in time would I have handled it better ?

I don’t know.

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Gurprit Khaira: It does look like he was heavy handed but she committed a crime and was resisting so his actions was justified.

Ema Foxx: People saying ‘so what if she’s pregnant’ or ‘she knew the consequences’ . Are you forgetting who pays the price if that child becomes injured or brain damaged ? Not scummy mummy !

Just the child, the guard himself even said he didn’t care, such a shame for that child, disregarded by more than it’s mother before even being born.


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