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Qatar 2022 World Cup to have a robust security plan

The first Arab country to host the World Cup has already begun working with several police agencies across the world

The Euro 2016 held in France last year saw the English and Russian fan groups clash before and after the group game in Marseille . Two nights before the match saw clashes across the French city while as soon as the full-time whistle blew, ultras from the Russian end1 made their way towards England supporters and began throwing punches and kicks. Nasser Al Khater, Assistant General Secretary for Tournament Affairs for the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, stated that the State of Qatar has already begun working on a plan in order to deal with hooliganism at the 2022 World Cup. He went on to mention that Qatar is engaged in conversations with police agencies from various countries and are preparing a list of people who have had a notorious background.

Xavi ushered into coaching in Qatar2

Every tournament has its risks and this is typical with any major event . As long as we have a robust security and safety plan, you are able to minimize destruction as much as possible .

The good thing is that we have started working early . We have started working with Interpol (International Police Organisation) and ICSS (International Centre for Sport Security) from very early on.

What s good is that we work with security and police forces of various countries that have a large database of people who have created trouble in the past . We are fortunate that the information sharing is taking place . We hope to minimise the people who in the past have caused trouble, from being involved in the World Cup . I think that s an important thing that we shouldn t ignore, he answered to a query on how Qatar will deal with hooligan culture. Probably for the first time in the history, one of the venues is ready more than five years before the World Cup kicks-off.

There was never a World Cup which had 12 year lead time also ! I think Khalifa s refurbishment is not just for the World Cup as it will host the 2019 s World Athletics Championship .

We will have stadiums ready relatively early as compared to other World Cups . We have a deadline of 2020, said Khater.

Xavi: ‘If Iniesta wants to renew his contract, Barcelona will do it’3

Asia will host only its second World Cup in 2022 and Khater opines that football in the world s largest continent is very much on the rise both from a technical and investment standpoint.

Qatar 2022 World Cup To Have A Robust Security Plan

I think it s going with the trend . I think Asian football is rising . It is becoming more competitive . There is a lot of investment from Asia especially from China in football . Technically too, the football is improving . It will be 20 years since Asia last hosted the World Cup . So it will be a source of immense joy and pride for the people of the region and Qatar, he mentioned.

The World Cup in Qatar will be a different experience for fans as for the very first time it is being hosted in a country where each venue isn t very far from the other . Commuting will not be a challenge as a fan can just hop into a metro and enjoy the greatest footballing extravaganza.

EXCLUSIVE: Xavi positive ‘close friend’ Messi will renew Barcelona contract4

Look obviously, our slogan was Expect amazing . We wanted to be true to that but also we promised an innovative World Cup . I think we are sticking to that promise as well . The amount of research going into this World Cup is immense . We have a new type of signature grass that is made for the region . We have the solar fuelled helmets, the cooling vests and the stadium alert system.

There is a weather station at the construction sites too . If the temperature goes beyond a certain point, the alarm goes on and the workers stop working .

Because of the heat in Qatar after a certain temperature the work has to stop . It used to be done manually but now this one is completely automated . To answer your question, yes there was a drive . We wanted to be innovative and there was a drive to be sustainable . There was a drive to develop spot beyond just football, he signed off.


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Security checks at certain Premier League grounds could be a lot …

For most people, a job is just a job to get done, get through, so you can get on with your life.

It should not be like that for security . Not at football stadiums . Not today. We’ve seen this in plenty of places: those responsible for making sure no-one takes anything they’re not supposed to into a ground offering the most laissez-faire approach to frisking. Even as a journalist, when you’re carrying a bag absolutely ram-packed with a laptop, chargers, microphones, notes, food and then you have all that covered with more clothes you’ve stored for extra layers, you barely get checked .

You might get asked to open your bag and you’ll half-way do that for one part of it and show the clothes and explain it’s just a laptop and stuff beneath and that’s usually enough to get you on through.

Security Checks At Certain Premier League Grounds Could Be A Lot ...

The security in some places operates on blind faith because what they’re really asking you when they ask to see your bag is basically just for an alibi if their boss accuses them of otherwise . They’re not performing these checks to really maintain safety – or because it’s important . In some cases, they’re just doing it out of obligation, because it’s on their job descriptions. It’s a task that needs done and a box that needs ticked. Most people would do anything to avoid a fuss, never mind a confrontation so we’re in serious danger that some elements of security have slacked just to make things a little more convenient.

At White Hart Lane on Saturday, when Tottenham Hotspur welcomed Bournemouth, some footage captured outside the ground was a real eye-opener. The security checks were minimal to say the least . Two fingers grazing the top of the sleeve, a quick pat on the ribs, away you go .

Sometimes neither the sleeve nor the ribs were even felt. Basically just an open, welcome invitation. But Tottenham Hotspur have since responded on the matter.

“We’ve been made aware of the footage, the contractor has apologised and we have taken appropriate action as a result,” the club said.

Still, the matter that split opinion. It should be remembered that this job directly affects the safety of thousands of people so perhaps being lenient isn’t the best standard. We’re not going to church after all.

Spooks, plod and security industry join to chase bank hacker

A group of security boffins have joined police and intelligence spooks in a clandestine mission to identify those behind distributed denial of service (DDoS) extortion attacks against major banks.

An attacker using the handle DD4BC (DDoS for Bitcoins) is launching large DDoS attacks against banks and other big business in the UK, Europe, the US, and Australia and New Zealand demanding Bitcoin payment for the assaults to end.

The details of the secretive group, which boasts skills in actor attribution, are being kept under wraps to avoid tipping off the criminal who is thought to be a lone wolf.

Its work, says Roland Dobbins of Arbor Network’s security engineering and response team, will likely precipitate an official intelligence investigation should the extortionist continue to launch DDoS attacks against big banks.

“There is a very, very active posse who are trying to identify the actor and intelligence agencies in some jurisdictions are after DD4BC,” Dobbins told the AusNOG conference in Melbourne, Australia, today.

“There is no jurisdictional taskforce setup yet as far as I know but there are some closed, vetted operational security groups trying to track down the threat actor.

“I think DD4BC is one person who is reasonably tech savvy but not an innovator.”

The attacker will escalate the probe into a full investigation if they continue to hit banks, Dobbins says.

The attacker has targeted large organisations including banks and enterprises with DDoS attacks maxing out at 60Gbps . Demands are for payment of Bitcoins that vary in value depending on the resources of a victim, from one to 100 Bitcoins equating to US$227 to US$22,700.

Attacks will last between six to 15 hours before a demand is made using email . It continues with a subsequent higher extortion price if a victim raises security defences or does not make payment.

Dobbins says some targets have been hit up to 20 times.

The DDOS attacks are made through for-hire online booter or stresser services that are shooting relatively new Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) traffic which causes vulnerable embedded devices like smart TVs to fire requests at a target.

That technique, detailed in Dobbins’ side deck (PDF)1 is adopted by booter services and hard to combat since it resembles regular traffic.

He says there is no reason for embedded devices to use even for gaming, and urges all users to turn it off.

SSDP attacks .

Slides by Dobbins.2

Victims of DD4BC should refuse to pay and inform police and networking colleagues to spread intelligence on the group.

So far at least one unnamed organisation has paid the ransom, despite that all victims deny doing so.

“Buy some time, pretend you speak a different language, but above all don’t pay because the attackers will be back,” he says.


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