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New iOS 11 security feature will help iPhone users fight the power

The latest iOS 111 beta has revealed a new security feature that will enable iPhone owners to temporarily disable the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Rapidly pressing the Home button five times will bring up an SOS button . This will alert emergency contacts to your whereabouts . This much we knew. However, accessing the SOS screen also disables Touch ID until the user s passcode is entered (via Apple Insider2). The so-called cop button arrives with lingering controversy over law enforcement pressing citizens to unlock their phones using the fingerprint sensors.

In February 2016, a Federal Judge in Los Angeles3 signed a search warrant that forced a woman to unlock her iPhone with her fingerprint.

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Last December Scotland Yard officers snatched a smartphone from a suspect5 while it was unlocked, in order to bypass the security. Police in Michigan even 3D printed a murder victim s fingerprint6 in order to unlock a smart device. Pass codes remain off limits to law enforcement officials, which is what makes the new cop button all the more powerful.

If iPhone users believe they re in a position where they may be asked to unlock their phone with a fingerprint, they can simply press the home button five times in succession to disable it.

iOS 11 is nearly here

iOS 11 is approaching completion with the full release expected around a month from now. Given the latest rumours are pointing towards an iPhone 8 without a Touch ID sensor, it ll be interesting to see whether this new feature will apply to the expected Face ID feature. The new OS will bring a redesigned control centre, the brand new Apple Files directory, peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments, improved Siri and a Do Not Disturb while driving mode.

Will you be downloading iOS 11 when it lands or waiting until it s clear of potential launch bugs ?

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US Homeland Security CIO hits ctrl-alt-delete after just three months

The chief information officer of America’s Department of Homeland Security has become the latest Trump administration appointee to resign. Richard Staropoli, the former US secret service agent who at one time vowed to run the department “like a hedge fund,” will be leaving at the end of the month . Staropoli had been appointed to the CIO position by the Trump White House in May of this year . Prior to that he had worked at hedge fund Fortress Investment group as the CISO and head of global security. Staropoli had also spent 25 years working in the US Secret Service .

According to his bio1, Staropoli’s duties included work with the Presidential Protective Division, the Counter Assault Team, and the Secret Service’s Hostage Rescue Unit. Staropoli’s most notable moment as CIO came in June, when he vowed to run2 the IT program at the DHS in the same way he ran the hedge fund’s . This came amidst a larger overhaul3 of a number of US departments and a cull of some of the more antiquated and unnecessary4 IT practices across the entire government.

The resignation will not be particularly welcome news to a Trump administration that is already trying to deal with around 500 vacant critical positions, and the turnover of key government officials. Most notably, the role of Staropoli’s would-be boss, the President’s Chief of Staff, has been passed from Reince Priebus to former Homeland Security supremo John Kelly5 . In the background to all this, Anthony Scaramucci was communications director for all of 11 days.

According to The Hill6, deputy DHS CIO Stephen Rice will take over as CIO until a replacement can be appointed.

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Exclusive: Cyber Startup Awake Security Debuts with $31 Million in Funding

In stealth mode for the past two years, the cybersecurity startup Awake Security is now ready for its public debut.

Based in Mountain View, Calif., Awake’s founding team includes alumni of several tech and cybersecurity mainstays, including HP (hpe)1, CipherCloud, Cylance, FireEye (feye)2, McAfee (mfe)3, RSA, and VMware (vmw)4 . The company, which has done no press outside of a brief mention of its existence in Forbes in April5, is using big data and machine learning to help corporate security teams defend their networks.

Awake was incubated within the venture capital firm Greylock Partners by Michael Callahan, Awake’s cofounder and CEO and former Greylock entrepreneur in residence . Callahan previously served as cofounder and chief technology officer of PolyServe a big data infrastructure company that sold to HP6 in 2007 for an undisclosed sum, which Fortune has been told was in the 9-figure ballpark.

In addition to $8.7 million in initial funding from Greylock, Awake raised a second round of $22.5 million from Bain Capital Ventures at the end of last year .

The company’s total funding comes to $31.2 million to date.

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Awake, now about 35-people strong, has developed an analytics product that parses network traffic and builds behavioral models of the activity within organizations . The tech is designed to be used within security operations centers, where companies manage their digital defenses, to help alert-fatigued teams more readily identify, investigate, and hunt for threats.

“We’re supercharging the ability of analysts to answer the questions they need to answer every day,” Callahan tells Fortune. “When you install this thing it’s like turning the lights on all the creepy crawlies taking advantage of the dark are now suddenly visible.”

Awake’s technology has drawn comparisons to that of the British cybersecurity firm Darktrace, which raised $75 million in funding8 for its AI-powered approach to security last week, as Fortune first reported . The tech also bears similarities to products made by cybersecurity startups Protectwise and Vectra Networks.

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“They give you a timeline view, almost like a movie playing out with different scenes,” says Asheem Chandna, the partner at Greylock who led the deal and has joined the company’s board . That feature is useful for investigators who pore over digital records to determine the extent of a breach.

Indeed, catering to investigators is one of Awake’s top priorities . Gary Golomb, a veteran investigator who led a probe into network intrusions that targeted the presidential campaigns10 of former President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain in 2008, helped design the product.

For more on cybersecurity, watch:

Golomb, an ex-Marine, was one of the earliest employees at Cylance11, a cybersecurity startup privately valued at $1 billion, and prior to that was a top researcher at NetWitness, a network forensics firm acquired by RSA . He now hold the unconventional title of “chief security operations center whisperer” at Awake.

While developing its product, Awake worked alongside more than a dozen corporate security teams and had conversations with more than 200 security pros . One partner was the retailer the Gap.

” We are continuously looking at the latest techniques and technologies for rapid threat detection and response,” Richard Noguera, chief information security officer at the Gap12, said in a statement provided to Fortune. Noguera added that being able to provide feedback to Awake during the design process was “a truly refreshing approach.”

Enrique Salem, managing director at Bain Capital Ventures, former Symantec13 (symc)14 CEO, and FireEye board chairman, has joined Awake’s board after leading its second round of fundraising .

Salem previously worked with Callahan at the search engine company Ask Jeeves in decades past.

Salem told Fortune that his decision to invest, aside from being a vote of confidence in Callahan, was due to Awake’s aim of alleviating two problems that have plagued the cybersecurity industry .

The first is alert fatigue, in which security teams are inundated with a deluge of notifications, and the second is a persistent talent shortage.

Awake’s founding team also includes Keith Amidon, vice president of networking, who formerly served as director of engineering at VMWare, and Debabrata Dash, vice president of analytics, who formerly headed engineering at CipherCloud.


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