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Microsoft Releases Azure Blueprint To Support UK Government …

Microsoft says its Azure Blueprint for the UK Government s Cloud Security Principles will provide the highest level of security for cloud services. Azure Blueprint for the UK Government details how services built on Microsoft s cloud platform1 implement the 14 cloud security principles2 published by the UK s National Cyber Security Centre, which include practices around data governance, authentication and operational security.

Microsoft Releases Azure Blueprint To Support UK Government ...

The Azure Blueprint UK Government Customer Responsibilities Matrix outlines how Azure implements security controls designed to satisfy each security principle and assists customers in understanding how they may implement safeguards within their Azure solution3 to fulfill the requirements of each principle where they hold a responsibility, said Matt Rathbun, chief information security officer for Azure Government. Microsoft has also released a Blueprint compliance architecture ARM (Azure Resource Manager) template on GitHub, which provides a baseline from which customers can build secure environments in line with the cloud security principles4.

In other Microsoft news, business communication service Yammer5 has been integrated into Office 365 Groups, enabling users to connect and communicate with colleagues across their organisation.

When users create a new group in Yammer it will automatically be part of the Office 365 Groups environment, providing a OneNote notebook, Planner for task management, a SharePoint Online site and a document library.

Microsoft Releases Azure Blueprint To Support UK Government ...

All shared resources can be access directly from Yammer by all group members, with group membership queries based on Azure Active Directory attributes such as role, location and manager.

This integration between Yammer and Office 3656 Groups affects customers who have enforced Office 365 identity in their networks, and have only one Yammer network associated with their Office 365 tenant, added Connie Woo, product marketing manager at Yammer.

The full rollout of Office 365 Groups will take place in phases, which will connect Office 365 Groups7 with existing non-connected Yammer groups and remaining Office 365 tenants.

You can also look forward to integration with Outlook Calendar as well as greater enhancements to Yammer integration with SharePoint Online and Planner.

Quiz: The history, products and people of Microsoft8

To fully grasp the potential benefits of the Internet of Things, look no further than General Electric . GE is making a big bet on industrial Internet of 9

If you were to stop anyone working at SunTrust and ask them, What is the purpose of your role ? I’d wager that not only would they be able to give 10

Digital transformation is one of the key opportunities in today’s business for CIOs to increase leverage with their internal and external customers .

Digitization 11


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Intel’s new Kaby Lake vPro CPUs offer storming performance and security

Intel has added to its seventh-generation Kaby Lake1 and Xeon processor lineup with fresh models, boasting vPro technology and aimed at mobile workstations, unveiled at CES 20172. As you would expect, there are CPUs catering for a variety of performance and power efficiency demands, with the most frugal power-sipping model being the 4.5W Intel Core vPro Y-series processors which are targeted at 2-in-1 detachables. The m3-7Y30 is a dual-core processor with a base clock of 1GHz with Turbo up to 2.4GHz, with integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 . Move on up to the top-end Core i7-7Y75 and you re looking at a base clock of 1.3GHz with Turbo to 3.4GHz. The 15W and 28W Intel Core vPro U-series are aimed at convertible laptops along with thin and light notebooks, with the more heavyweight 45W H-series Core vPro destined for large-screen/premium notebooks. The dual-core Core i3-7100U (15W) has a base clock of 2.4GHz with Intel HD Graphics 620, and the range steps up to the Core i7-7600U with a base clock of 2.8GHz and Turbo to 3.9GHz (and the same integrated graphics) . There are also models with Intel Iris Plus Graphics, offering far tastier performance for integrated graphics we talk more about this here3. The new CPUs with Iris Plus also sport Optane4 memory support which gives a traditional spinning hard disk a massive boost when it comes to loading times.

Xeon power

Then there s Intel s new 45W Xeon processors, which give real grunt to mobile workstations . The E3-1505M v6 is a quad-core (8-thread) CPU with a base clock of 3GHz and Turbo to 3.6GHz with Intel HD Graphics P630, and the E3-1535M v6 steps the clock speed up to 3.1GHz with Turbo to 3.9GHz. The company also revealed 65W S-series Core vPro CPUs for mainstream tower PCs, alongside 35W and 65W Core and Core vPro S-series models pitched at mini PCs and all-in-ones, plus 65W/95W Core processors for enthusiast towers. Better battery life than Skylake is, of course, promised, with the new Core U-series offering up to 10 hours of battery life on the move according to Intel, and the vPro CPUs offer a number of boons on the security front built directly into the chips. These include Intel Authenticate, which the company describes as a robust multi-factor authentication solution, protected directly on the hardware to lessen the chances of users becoming victims to the various scammers who are increasingly prevalent these days. Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and Intel Online Connect technology is also on board to make online shopping a more secure affair, allowing for biometric verification for purchases made online .

There s also built-in two-factor authentication for Dropbox and other commonly used online services.


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Maizi re calls for German security overhaul to counter terrorism

Germany s interior minister has proposed an overhaul of the country s security apparatus, centralising more powers in a contentious response to last month s Berlin terrorist attack1. The reforms put forward by Thomas de Maizi re2 would take power from the regions, replacing their domestic intelligence services with a single national agency . Mr de Maizi re also wants to reinforce the federal criminal investigation bureau, create a real federal police service and give the national government greater authority to remove unsuccessful asylum seekers. The proposal has come under fire from critics who claimed it would undermine a decentralised security structure created in postwar Germany as a response to the Nazi regime. But Mr de Maizi re s plans follow renewed concern that Germany s security network is too fragmented and allows potential terrorists to avoid surveillance, including possibly the chief suspect in the Berlin assault . Germany has also come under pressure from the US and EU partners to improve its domestic intelligence system in the face of Islamist terrorism. Writing in the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper on Tuesday, Mr de Maizi re, a close conservative ally of chancellor Angela Merkel, argued that the network needed stronger central control in a world of globalised security threats that required closer co-operation . New reforms are essential to stabilise our country and Europe, he wrote. While not a government policy statement, the minister s full-page declaration is the most comprehensive official reaction to the assault in which a lorry rammed a crowded Berlin Christmas market leaving 12 dead and 49 injured.

The chief suspect, Anis Amri, 24, a Tunisian with a criminal past, fled and was shot dead by Italian police in Milan. The terror group Islamic State claimed responsibility and the German security authorities were criticised3 after it emerged that Amri, a failed asylum seeker awaiting removal, had earlier been under observation because of his radical Islamist links before disappearing from official view. The outrage has come at a critical time for Ms Merkel as she prepares for elections this autumn . Her refugee policies have been attacked from rightwingers in her Christian Democrat party, the Christian Social Union (CDU), its Bavaria-based affiliate, as well as the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party. In a New Year message Ms Merkel called on Germany to counter Islamist terrorists hatred with humanity . The plans from Mr de Maizi re, a senior CDU figure, suggest she is also ready to toughen security laws to counter security threats and win back support from anxious Germans. Mr de Maizi re s proposals drew criticism from across the political spectrum, not least from within the Christian Democrats, where regional leaders bristle at any hint of losing power to Berlin.

Peter Beuth, the CDU interior minister in Hessen, denounced the proposals as nonsense , saying: Rush jobs of this kind not only undermine the citizens trust in the state; they also put the whole federal security structure into question. Ulla Jelpke, an interior affairs expert with Die Linke, the leftwing party, said the plans were a frontal assault on federal principles that were designed to block the central concentration of power after the Nazis. The Social Democrat party, which is in coalition with Ms Merkel and would have to agree any new laws, has criticised the CDU and CSU for concentrating exclusively on sharpening laws . Sigmar Gabriel, the party leader, called on Tuesday for a strengthening of the internal cohesion of society , for example by better integrating minorities although he also backed limited security measures. Mr de Maizi re proposed on Tuesday that the federal government take full control of deportation, responding to evidence that left-leaning regions, such as Hamburg, remove far fewer people than conservative administrations, such as Bavaria . Failed asylum seekers would be detained in the run-up to their planned deportation to prevent them disappearing. Mr Gabriel has ruled this out .

But he backed a narrower plan for failed asylum seekers classified as Gef hrder a radical Islamist who it is thought could carry out a terror attack to be detained before removal.

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