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Brazilian GP: Security tightened after gunmen threaten Mercedes

Last Updated: 12/11/17 7:18am

Security at the Brazilian GP has been tightened in the wake of the armed robbery of Mercedes team members leaving the circuit on Friday night. Gunmen held up a minibus carrying Mercedes personnel and stole valuables, while a car carrying FIA officials was also threatened . No one was harmed in either incident. Mercedes bus robbed at gunpoint1

The FIA issued a statement on Saturday night confirming an increased security presence from local police and have advised people to take all necessary precautions when travelling to and from the circuit on race day.

“The circuit has informed all of the event stakeholders that the Sao Paulo police force has taken additional measures after these regrettable incident,” read a statement. “Heavy police reinforcements will be on duty for the remainder of the event.” While Brazil is one of the sport’s most popular and vibrant races, incidents of F1 personnel being targeted on the roads outside the circuit are not uncommon.

Ted Kravitz gives his thoughts on Saturday’s qualifying session at the Brazilian Grand Prix

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who was not travelling in the vehicle that was targeted, said F1 collectively needed to do more to ensure all members of the paddock were able to travel safely.

“I was horrified to hear what had happened,” he said. “I’m very close with all the guys that got pulled aside and you can’t imagine what they were feeling or going through at the time.

“After that, the most frustrating thing is I’ve been in Formula 1 for 10 years and every single year that has happened to somebody in the paddock . And it continues to happen.

“I’m sure that’s an issue that the government here are fighting, but maybe on this weekend there are protocols that are put in place that help. “It should be for the whole paddock . That’s partly Formula 1’s responsibility but generally people at the top need to take action to keep everyone safe . It’s not good just the bosses having security and myself having security, everyone needs to be looked after.” The 2017 title race may be over, but the racing definitely isn’t ! Get set for Mercedes v Ferrari v Red Bull in the Brazilian GP LIVE ONLY on Sky Sports F1 .

The race begins at 4pm on Sunday. Want to watch but not got Sky F1 ?

Buy a NOW TV pass from 6.99!2


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  2. ^ Want to watch but not got Sky F1 ?

    Buy a NOW TV pass from 6.99! (

Here’s the latest security bug your computer could be exposed by

A newly discovered firmware vulnerability could leave countless Windows and Mac computers at risk from a hack, according to security researchers from Duo Labs1 . The vulnerability could be used by malware to gain deep access to systems. The bug involves the extensible firmware interface, or EFI, which is the first bit of code that runs when you hit the power button – part of its responsibilities include validating the software that’s running on the machine. Based on tests on 74,000 Apple Macs, the Duo Labs team found that the EFI firmware was not always being updated at the same time as the operating system, leaving a security hole that could potentially be exploited . The vulnerability could also affect Windows PCs, the researchers say2.

Risk assessment

The good news is that a hack taking advantage of the EFI vulnerability would need to be quite a complex one, and it’s only really worth the trouble if you’ve got some pretty important data locked away on your machine. What’s more, Duo Labs says it hasn’t spotted anyone actively making use of this security loophole yet – it’s working with Apple and other computer makers to get the bug patched. “For most people in most situations, the risk is currently not severe,” the researchers say. If you’re on a Mac machine, updating to the latest version of the software (macOS High Sierra) is enough to squash the vulnerability .

For more details about how the security vulnerability works and how to guard against an attack, see the Duo Labs blog3.


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Beyond passwords: Industry steps up to hardware-enhanced endpoint security

When talking about security threats that face companies today, I compare them to the difference between a gas leak in your home and carbon monoxide. Gas companies put a scent in natural gas, so if there s a leak you can smell it, and you know there s a problem . Computer performance is like that . Users notice when their PC is running slower, they don t like it, and they want to get the problem fixed. A security issue is more like carbon monoxide . You can t see it, you can t smell it, and by the time you know you ve got a problem, it s too late. Security breaches within businesses have become commonplace . There are now billions of cyber exploits every day, according to the 2017 Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec* . In 2016, these attacks were successful enough to expose over 1.1 billion identities, according to the same report .

The bottom line is that 90 per cent of security incidents result from exploits against software defects, according to a CSO report attributed to the U.S . Department of Homeland Security.

2017 is on pace to set a new record for compromised identities, with more than 1,200 breaches recorded and 3.4 billion records exposed according to Risk Based Security s Q1 2017 DataBreach QuickView ReportOpens in a new window1 . It s not a matter of if a business will be attacked, but rather, when. Looking back over the past year s data breaches, there s one common thread: weak identity protection at the endpoint. The PC is a front door to a company s network and assets . But all too often, that PC is outdated and lacking hardware-enhanced protection . In other words, the front door is wide open. Older endpoints are vulnerable because their technology only supports single-factor identity protection at the software layer, rather than providing a much more secure multifactor authentication solution rooted in the PC hardware . A common vulnerability is the use of weak or stolen passwords .

This is a problem, as more than 80 per cent of major data breaches come from password issues at the software level, according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Why multifactor identification matters

There is now a more effective approach to identity and access management: multifactor authentication anchored in silicon inside Intel-based, enterprise PCs . With the Intel Core vPro platform, our security solutions provide a unique, deeper layer of protection at the root of trust: the hardware component of the computing stack . While two-step authentication is certainly stronger than one, true multifactor authentication encompasses:

As a result, cyber criminals have a much harder time gaining access to a PC. As part of the migration to Windows 10, companies can strengthen security today by upgrading to new devices powered by 7th Generation Intel Core vPro processors with Intel Authenticate deployed . This combination gives you customisable, hardware enhanced, multifactor authentication with biometrics, credentials and the IT policy engine all stored and executed securely in hardware below the software layer where attacks are prevalent. More than 50 PC designs have been optimised for Intel Authenticate since its introduction in January 2016 . Our hardware-enhanced solution supports a range of customisable, hardened factors to fit specific business needs and integrates easily into existing environments. And there s a bonus: Users love it because they don t have to remember complex, ever-changing passwords. Endpoint security doesn t end with identity protection . We re also aggressively innovating to make hardware the center of data protection . The 7th generation Intel Core vPro processor-based devices, announced in January 2017, support a new hardware-enhanced file encryption solution called Intel Data Guard.

Intel Data Guard lets IT centrally set policy on how and when to encrypt files, then execute that policy automatically on individual endpoints . IT has the flexibility to decide how and when files should be encrypted automatically (without any user action) or whether certain file types or folder locations can be encrypted at the user s discretion . This dramatically reduces human error from the process, because users no longer are exclusively relied upon to remember to encrypt sensitive data .

The result is less risk of data loss of sensitive company data. The key to staying ahead of today s ever-evolving security environment is to deepen your endpoint protections . Refresh older PCs with modern systems that feature hardware-based security defenses that transform an endpoint problem into a key part of the solution.

Tom Garrison, Vice President and General Manager, Business Client Platforms, Intel
Image source: Shutterstock/Ai825



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