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Reference Library – England – Shropshire

POLL: Should UK security services be used as a bargaining chip during EU talks?

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said it was “very important to link trade and security” in the negotiations with the European Union (EU) over the UK’s future deal with the bloc.

Sir Michael said he was proud of the link and insisted the UK would go on “playing our part” in the security of the continent, but stressed some elements of that co-operation would require a new deal. He claimed it was not a “bargaining process” but all sides would be “worse off” if there was not a deal. Leaked minutes of a Cabinet committee meeting revealed the extensive discussions about how the UK’s security and defence expertise could be used to help secure a deal with Brussels. The Sunday Telegraph reported ministers identified the UK’s “very strong hand” on defence as a key advantage in the talks. Downing Street has insisted the reference in Theresa May’s Article 50 notification letter to security, warning that co-operation would be “weakened” if there was not a deal, was not a threat but a simple statement of facts. Sir Michael told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: “It’s very important to link trade and security because what we are now looking for is a deep and special partnership that covers both economic and security co-operation . Those two things go together.” He was “absolutely” proud of that link, adding: “It’s very important that we go on committing to the security of the continent.” Asked if failure to secure a deal would make the EU less secure, he said: “We would all be worse-off it there wasn’t a deal .

We are expecting to have a deal. “Obviously, we co-operate with Europe on security, not just through Nato – we co-operate through work our police forces do, our security agencies do, through our judicial systems. “Some of that is inside the European treaties, some of it is outside.

“But obviously the bits that are inside the European treaties we need to make sure that co-operation continues, because Europe faces threats – not just from Russian aggression but, as we have seen in recent weeks, from terrorism as well.” Asked about the Sunday Telegraph report, he said: “I’m not going to get into what happened at what meeting, but it is a fact that we have the biggest defence budget in Europe, we are a leading player inside Nato.” A source quoted in the newspaper said: “I think the absolute view around the table was we are in a very strong position and the Europeans know it.

“We go into these negotiations with security and defence being a big thing in our corner.” In her letter to Mr Tusk, Mrs May had warned: “Europe’s security is more fragile today than at any time since the end of the Cold War. “Weakening our co-operation for the prosperity and protection of our citizens would be a costly mistake.”

Sir Michael refused to be drawn on the details of any “implementation” agreements which could cover trade and the economy after Brexit during the process of shifting to a new deal. Pressed on whether free movement could still be happening and the UK could still be subject to the European Court of Justice at the time of the next election, he said: “No, we have made it clear that we are leaving the European Union, we are leaving the single market, we are leaving the customs union and we will no longer be under the ambit of the European Court of Justice. “It is also clear that we have to avoid a cliff edge.

“We need to give business and the various sectors of our economy the certainty that they need that there won’t suddenly be a huge difference between the day after we leave and the day before.” Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said it was important that any deal should protect national security, but co-operation should not be a bargaining chip. “Not only are they threatening the European Union, they are threatening us,” she told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics.

“Amber Rudd has said that if we don’t get a deal she will stop sharing information with Europol . Are they seriously saying that if they know about a terrorist attack in Paris they won’t tell Europol?” She added: “Either they mean it, or they don’t mean it .

They can’t just keep saying things.”

Lynx shower gel bottles slapped with security tags at Co-op to ward off desperate shoplifters

Lynx shower gel bottles have been slapped with security tags at a supermarket after a spate of thefts. The Co-op has taken action to tackle shoplifters thieving the 2.89 grooming product off the shelves at a branch in Stobswell, Dundee. Electronic devices have also been applied to jars of coffee and other low value items in a move branded “tragic” by charity workers and anti-poverty campaigners.

Mike Strachan, from charity Dundee The Caring City, said he wasn’t surprised by the security threat to Lynx products. He said: “It’s a sign of how desperate things are becoming . It’s a sad situation when people feel they have to steal goods just to keep clean.

“It’s the first I’ve heard of this type of thing happening, but some of the action groups are probably quite aware of this being the case.

“It’s a reflection of the system that we live in that we are having to put security tags on something which should be a basic human right — the right to be clean.”

A Co-operative food store

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Local Conservative MSP Bill Bowman said: “It is a sad indictment of the level of crime in parts of Dundee that shopkeepers are having to put security tags on low value items like shower gel.”

A spokesman for The Co-op said: “As part of our security measures we vary the range of products that we apply security tags to in order to deter criminal activity.

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“We work closely with the police, and explore a range of security measures to deter theft and to increase the likelihood of convictions.

“This can include security tags on a range of products.”

Lynx, owned Unilever, is marketed “towards the young male demographic”.

Stobswell was listed as one of the highest crime areas in Scotland in the 2012 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation and in the bottom fifth in the country for deprivation generally.

‘Brazen’ attacker in balaclava tries to raid security van outside Tesco petrol station on Telford’s Wrekin Retail Park

A robber wearing a balaclava attempted to hold up a security van at a supermarket petrol station in Telford.

A blue G4S van was parked near the Tesco filling station at Wrekin Retail Park when a man approached the vehicle and threatened security staff. Stunned motorists saw a security guard race into the petrol station kiosk, where he told the staff that was happening. The garage staff immediately dialled 999 as the drama unfolded at about 8.40am this morning.

'Brazen' Attacker In Balaclava Tries To Raid Security Van Outside Tesco Petrol Station On Telford's Wrekin Retail ParkThe scene at Tesco petrol station at Wrekin Retail Park in Telford this morning

A driver, from Dawley Road, Wellington who did not want to be named, said: I filled up at the pump and walking towards the kiosk to pay when I saw the security guard run across the forecourt from the side of the petrol station . He was running very fast with a case in his hand. I overheard him telling the staff that someone wearing a balaclava was approaching . The staff immediately phoned the police . The security van was parked on the slip road nearby. I wondered what was going on and I was taken aback when I heard what he was saying . I didn t see any of the incident.

No one was hurt during the attempted robbery at the site in Whitchurch Drive . It is believed the robber, who fled from the scene, was with an accomplice getaway driver . It is not known they had any weapons on them. Three patrol cars along with two unmarked police vehicles with plained clothed officers arrived at the scene minutes after the attempted robbery at the garage, in Arleston. A pedestrian customer, who did not want to be named, said: We didn t see anything, but the staff in the kiosk said the security van worker had been attacked. There are lots of routes leading away from this place where someone could escape on foot . We told this to the police officer who came over to ask us if we saw what happened. West Mercia Police spokesman Dan Butler said: There have been no reports of any injuries and at this time no weapons are believed to have been used. The filling station was open and trading as normal following the attempted robbery .

A Tesco spokesman declined to comment. G4S spokesman Michael Baker said the cash in transit crew spotted the would be attackers driving up to the vehicle at speed and the guard returned inside the shop . It is believed that the raiders thought twice and sped away from the scene.

G4S head of operational risk Gareth Skinner said: One of our crew members serving a petrol station in the Wrekin retail park in Telford noticed a car approach at speed as they were leaving the store. Reacting quickly and showing great awareness to the threat . Our colleague returned back inside safely without endangering themselves or members of the public and the would be robbers fled empty handed.

I would urge anyone nearby who may have seen anything to get in touch with the police or dial 101 so these brazen attackers can be brought to justice.