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‘I can’t sleep without four guards outside’: Kim Kardashian boosts security as Kendall relives her ‘stalker’ terror …





The gaps in their security were exposed when Kim Kardashian3 was victim of a terrifying robbery at gun-point in Paris 4last October. And the 36-year-old reality television star tells her sister Kendall Jenner5 that she can’t get to sleep without four security guards outside her home, in a sneak peek of Sunday’s all-new Keeping Up With The Kardashians6. The wife of Kanye West 7is seen coping with the aftermath, including anxiety from the entire family about their safety, in the clip released on Tuesday.


Bodyguards: Kim Kardashian she can’t get to sleep without four security guards outside her home, in a sneak peak of Sunday’s all-new Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kris Jenner, 61, looks concerned by the breach in security, as they assess their protection going forward. ‘It’s my job to take care of everybody,’ she tells the assembled family, as she’s seated wearing a camouflage hoodie. Clearly Kris had been advising her daughters on the exposed parts of their life, as Kourtney is heard on the E ! show saying: ‘Mom is saying I should tint that window…’. Taking care ! Kris Jenner, 61, looks concerned by the breach in security, as they assess their protection going forward

‘As a security measure,’ Kris interjects, in case anyone thought it just a style statement. Kris is then asked, over a family meal which included a make-up free Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian: ‘Do you think we have enough security?’ to which she replied a definite, ‘No’. Kendall, 21, relieved her own terrifying ordeal at the hands of an alleged stalker at her home last year.

Boost ! Kris thinks their security isn’t good enough

Prayers: The family gathered for a meal, and chatted through their next security moves

Too much ? Kourtney is heard on the E ! show saying: ‘Mom is saying I should tint that window…’

No prying eyes: Khloe checks out the window which Kris is concerned about, over a family meal

Concerns: Kim took part in a conversation about increased security over dinner

Describing the incident last August to Scott Disick, the model explains: ‘I’m freaking out . I look in my rear view mirror and he was standing right there. ‘He’s in my window banging on my window screaming at me,’ she told the sympathetic father of Kourtney’s three children.

‘Oh no,’ empathised Scott. Chow down: The family meal also included a make-up free Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Supportive: Model Kendall listens as Kim describes her anxiety since the terrifying robbery Kendall told a court last October that she has never been so scared in her life, reported TMZ8 at the time. Shavaughn McKenzie was found not guilty of stalking, but guilty of trespass.

Kim recounted the horrific night she was robbed at gunpoint on last Sunday’s KUWTK, and afterwards took to Twitter to react to the very emotional episode. She wrote: ‘I can say I’ve become so much better because of it….thank you for allowing me to share my story tonight #KUWTK.’

Intruder: Kendall, 21, also relieved her own terrifying ordeal at the hands of an alleged stalker at her home last year

Drama! ‘He’s in my window banging on my window screaming at me,’ she told the sympathetic father of Kourtney’s three children

Describing the incident last August to Scott Disick, the model explained: ‘I’m freaking out . I look in my rear view mirror and he was standing right there’

‘Oh no,’ empathised Scott to Kendall, as he listened to her story

Getting head round it ! Scott looked shocked by her tale The reality star elaborated more as she added: ‘I took a tragic horrific experience and did not let it diminish me, rather grew and evolved and allowed the experience to teach me.’ In the actual episode Kim revealed that she believed she was going to be raped and killed on the night of her Paris robbery . The heist was France’s biggest jewelry theft involving a private citizen in more than two decades. There were 17 people arrested in connection to the armed robbery and ten have been charged so far . The thieves stole an estimated $10million worth of jewels including her 20 carat engagement ring.

The episode showed Kim explaining to her sisters Kourtney, 37, and Khloe, 32, that her mouth was duct taped to stop her from screaming. ‘He grabs my legs, and I wasn’t, you know, I had no clothes on under . He pulled me toward him at the front of the bed and I thought, “Okay, this is the moment they’re going to rape me”,’ Kim recounted in heart-wrenching detail.

‘They’re going to rape me:’ Kim recounted the events that transpired on October 3, the night of her Paris robbery, on Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians

She continued: ‘I fully mentally prepped myself – and then he didn’t . He duck taped my legs together and had the gun up to me . I knew that was the moment they’re just totally going to shoot me in the head.

‘I just prayed that Kourtney’s going to have a normal life after she sees my dead body on the bed…like, I’m not going to make it out of here . I know how these things go.’ Kim recalled that before she was quieted with tape, she was pleading with the hotel concierge – who had been forced to bring the robbers up to the star’s room – to tell them she had babies and a family. She described: ‘I just said, “Are we going to die ? They can’t understand me, but please tell them I have babies, I have a family, let me live!”‘ After pointing the thieves to her $4million ring, they demanded money.

‘I said I don’t have money . They dragged me out to the hallway on top of the stairs . That’s when I saw the gun clear as day.

‘I was looking at the gun, looking at the stairs.. . either they’re going to shoot me in the back, or if I make it and they don’t, if the elevator doesn’t make it in time or the stairs are locked then I’m like f***ed . There’s no way out,’ she recalled. Instead of shooting the mother-of-two, the robbers – dressed as Parisian policemen – threw her in the bathroom and ran off.

Better now: Kim had a message of positivity on Sunday after the robbery scenes were shown

Strong: The reality star shared her inspirational vibes The gang escaped on ‘velibs’ – hire bicycles which can be rented all over Paris. Kim said that when the robbers left, she hid in a bush on the balcony: ‘It was really hard for me when the police showed up because they were dressed in the same uniform, except for the face masks.’

She also revealed her theory for how the horrific proceedings occurred. She said: ‘What I think happened now, after thinking about it so much, is that there was probably a group of guys that were following us the entire trip. ‘I was Snapchatting that I was home and everyone was going out, so I think they knew Pascal Duvier was out with Kourtney and that I was there by myself…They had this window of opportunity and just went for it.’

Family bodyguard Pascal Duvier had been assigned to protecting Kim’s sisters Kendall and Kourtney when the robbery happened and while the Kardashians said they didn’t blame him for what happened, after four years in their employ, Pascal is no longer working for them. In the immediate aftermath of the robbery, both Kim and Kanye had seemed to show their support for Pascal, who was seen protecting the couple in New York City days later. A shift began to occur weeks later, according to some close to the family, with Kanye becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of his wife Kim and their two children, North and Saint. The bodyguard went underground in the wake of the robbery, admitting he tried to escape the constant harassment from international media. His family – including his two young daughters – were also targeted, with rumours circulating that the heist was an inside job. Having spent years by Kim and later Kanye’s side, Duvier has remained loyal and has declined to comment on his firing in the wake of the robbery. Aomar Ait Khedache, a 60-year-old Frenchman who was thought to be the ringleader, told police the gang melted down and sold off most of the stolen jewelry But they kept Kardashian’s diamond engagement ring because it was too difficult to re-sell. In police statements, Khedache said his team had planned to rob Kardashian during a previous visit to Paris, but got cold feet because she was always surrounded by people.

Ironically, Kourtney brought up that just that day they had talked about what they would do in such an attack, with Kim insisting at the time – unaware what would soon happen – that she would tell them: ‘Have everything, take it all, take it all, I don’t care.’ Soon after the traumatizing event, the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner spoke to Kim about her worries for her mental health. ‘What I’m worried about is you’re in shock, and you don’t want to get to a place where you get post traumatic stress disorder . I think you should talk to somebody.’ Kim calmed her mother by telling her she thinks she’ll be fine, but that her body is physically exhausted. Kim took a three month break from social media following the robbery. She will testify against the thieves but she reportedly will not be cross examined. Later on in the show, Kim’s family reacted to her ordeal. Her husband Kanye – who had to stop a concert halfway through when he got the news that his wife had been robbed – said that if Kim had been hurt, he would have gone to great lengths to avenge her: ‘If anything happened to you, I wouldn’t have stopped until they were dead.’

Jenner said, through tears: ‘It’s been the most devastating thing to have one of your children fear for their life, thinking at any moment they’re going to die when they have two children. ‘For the rest of us, the thought of losing Kim is emotionally scarring and hard to overcome.’ Kim’s reunion with her children and husband after what she went through ends the tense episode on a heartwarming note.

The robbery caused Kim’s radio silence on social media for three months . After the show she took to Twitter to thank her fans for their support.

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Hour by hour guide to Donald Trump’s inauguration from security gates opening to the Salute to Our Armed Services Ball

Donald Trump will become President1 of the US on Friday.

The billionaire businessman2 will be officially sworn into office and it will be a long day of ceremony and celebrations.

This is the schedule of events for the inauguration. Times given are GMT, five hours ahead of Washington DC.

11am Security gates open . Officials believe 700,000 to 900,000 people will attend inauguration events, about half the 1.8 million who were at Obama s inauguration.

12pm President-elect Trump will wake at Blair House, which is across the street from the White House . It is made available by the outgoing President to the President-elect in the five days prior to his inauguration.

2pm Trump, Pence and their families are scheduled to attend church services at St . John s Episcopal Church, near the White House.

The Donald’s proud family

3pm President Barack Obama3 and President-elect Trump will have coffee or tea at the White House.

4pm The President s Own US Marine Band performs . Dignitaries will take their seats, including former presidents George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter with their wives, the former first ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton4 and Rosalynn Carter.

Trump and Mrs Clinton will come face-to-face for the first time since she lost the election.

4.25pm Senator Roy Blunt, Republican-Missouri, will conduct the Call to Order and deliver welcoming remarks.

4.30pm Speeches by church leaders.

4.39pm Missouri State University Chorale perform Now We Belong .

4.45pm Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas administers the vice presidential oath of office to Vice President Pence the first African American to preside over the services.

4.50pm Mormon Tabernacle Choir of 360 men and women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Donald Trump leaves New York for Washington to become president

4.55pm Chief Justice John Roberts administers the presidential oath of office to President Trump . Trumpets perform Ruffles and Flourishes and the US Marine Band performs Hail to the Chief, followed by a 21-gun salute

5pm President Trump delivers the inaugural address . Trump s speech will be a philosophical document rather than a description of policy plans.

5.30pm Jackie Evancho5 sings the national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner . She was a reality TV contestant on America s Got Talent .

5.39pm President Trump signs official documents . The Trumps then attend the inauguration luncheon at the Capitol with the Pences . By this point, Obama will have handed over the reins of the world s most powerful nation.

A military aide with a briefcase holding the US nuclear launch codes will stop trailing Obama and leave the US Capitol in Trump s entourage.

Donald Trump andMike Pence take part in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington

7.32pm Review of the troops . The US military has participated in the inauguration since 1789, when members of the army, local militia units and Revolutionary War veterans escorted George Washington to his first inauguration ceremony at Federal Hall in New York City.

8pm The Trumps and Pences begin the inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. The President and Vice President lead the procession of over 8,000 parade participants, including veterans and active members of the military, high school and college bands, police, motorcycle and cavalry units, and the Boy Scouts of America, among others. President Jimmy Carter was the first to walk in the inaugural parade and since then, presidents have ridden in limos and walked part of the parade route.

11pm Official Inaugural Balls at the Washington Convention Center . The Trumps and Pences will appear at the Liberty Ball and the Freedom Ball.

Access to these galas is limited, but a small number of $50 ( 40) tickets were made available to the public through the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

2am Saturday The third inaugural ball Trump will attend is the Salute to Our Armed Services Ball . It will take place at the National Building Museum. These are the only gala events Trump and Pence will attend .

There are a number of other galas taking place around Washington DC on Friday night, including DeploraBall, a gathering of members of the alt-right.

Read More

The inauguration


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Minister’s warnings on security in Lancashire

Lancashire MP and Government minister Ben Wallace is calling on county residents to be cyber and security aware – especially if you work in defence or other security sensitive industries. He urged everyone to play their part in keeping the country safe both at work, home and play, stressing that in 2017 there are real threats from criminals, terrorists and hostile states. His new year alert came after, in his role as security minister, he cautioned that terrorist group Isis aspires to use chemical weapons on British soil . He said: The overall issue is there is a terrorist threat . Individuals can contribute to our collective security by being more aware. Defence industries were obvious targets and cyber crime, was, he said, a way to access key information . What we see is a big amount of growth in invoice or security fraud .

Be cyber aware and be aware in your environment and think twice . If you work for BAE and you get a strange email report it to your IT security, question it and don t think it doesn t apply to you. Mr Wallace urged members of the public to contact the police with any suspicions, report fraud to ActionFraud UK or call the antiterrorism hotline on 0800 789321 and check out the website .

He warned lots of businesses were being taken for lots of money because bogus emails had been opened.